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This was a wonderfully compelling story. I just LOVE Bogey, and the two kids. Wonderful job of characterization for all three! (quite a feat for only 750 words!)
Ditto on Joanne's comments. Well done.
Oh, you could have made Jenn your cousin and had your cousin entry this week:) Good story. I love the descriptions of Bogey. Makes me want to go wash my hands.
Great job of description and characterization. I could see so well the heart and the activities of two little girls.
I thought that your title said it all. Very astute. I loved all the drool.
You painted a vivid picture of the kids trying to catch Bogey. I was grinning from ear to ear. I had a Springer Spaniel name Bogey once, so I related to this story. This was a fun read.
I could just see these girls skulking around during their midnight heist. Great descriptions and dialogue!
A Bassett Hound story! Yay! Bassets are my favorite dog. I really want one when I can get a place that allows pets. I just hope that mine doesn't end up being as much of a free spirit as Bogey is. Great story! :)
(smile) Good descriptions! I could see his slobbery drooly face.
Great writing.
Hee hee...nice job! What an endearing character you created. Like Joanne said, all three characters were nicely developed for such a short story. I could see this as a kids book. Well done!
You've captured a lovable, believable Bogey... and you've captured his captors nicely as well... I really enjoyed this. I think Bogey would make a great character for a children's story as well.
Hilarious, Dee! Bogey is a wonderful character, and I love the irony in your title. This story was great fun.
Loved this smiling mutt! This was so much fun, I think I smiled as much as bogey did, thanks!
Great story - I could just picture them carrying that big ol drooly Bogey
Wow, your descriptions are captivating. I was laughing throughout this. Well done!
Heehee! Bogey sounds like a fellow that needs his freedom. I was kind of with Amanda more than Jennifer. Just leave the poor thing to enjoy himself. Hilarious writing! ^_^
Dee, because I'm the world's biggest dog lover, I was captivated by this wonderful story. Once I started reading it, a house fire couldn't have pulled me away from the computer. You are such a master of descriptions. No wonder everyone loves your work so!
Big time Kudos, my friend!
For a dog with no lines, just drool and a smile, Bogey is a GREAT character. Loved the ending with him back on 'the hunt.'
Just delightful. I love big, grinning, slobbery dogs; they have such a helplessness about them. Your descriptions are just wonderful, you carried me from beginning to end. Super job Dee, super.
Your story was a joy to read. I love the antics of the two sisters as they plotted their 'rescue'. Great writing my friend.
You must have owned a Basset or been around one! You have captured their essense perfectly! I had one as a child. Great job! Loved your story. Blessings, Cheri
Congratulations on placing 37th overall with this entry, Dee!