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VERY fun - I could picture most of these things happening. Love the tone and voice of this - and especially the advice NOT to give neighbors poultry recipes. Truly enjoyed this!
Funny commentary on being a bird owner. Ummm... I think I'll pass. ROFL!
Delightful, humorous commentary. Did you know a dog will keep your secrets?
Ha! Now I know why I'm not a bird owner! My Grandmother had many birds-I had to change their cages out once a week-one thing I want to know: why do birds like to try to pull your thumbnails off?! Every bird she had tried that on me...ouch! Love your many examples of avian antics. You made me laugh AND cringe.
"And of course, never keep your parrot in the bedroom."
LOL! Very funny and entertaining...well done.
"After hearing “Come here, baby, want a kiss?”, most people will hang up."

LOL! You never fail to crack me up with your wonderful sense of humor, Betty. Of course, I know that a lot of what you are saying here is true, which makes it all the more hilarious.

I will definitely keep all of this stuff in mind before purchasing a parrot. :)

Thank you for sharing this wonderfully funny piece.
As a fellow parrot owner this piece made me laugh out loud. It is so close to real life and absolutely halarious. Well done my friend. TOO FUNNY!
(smile) I've never owned a bird, and now I don't think I ever will. I can see how a dog and a bird would enjoy each other's company. I'm sure they could come up with some "tricks".
This is hilarious with great format and voice. Also, I found it very interesting. I knew nothing about parrots.
ROFL! Too funny! I think the second half of the entry was particularly hilarious, especially this line "And, of course, never keep your parrot in the bedroom." HA! Very clever and unique take on The Family Pet.
Extremely witty! Not sure why anyone would actually want a bird after reading this...but it was highly entertaining and very visual. Great job!
Your expert's voice is wonderful, this had me smiling and cringing. I agree with some of the others, no birds for me. Thansk for the warning. ;)
Love it! My kids kept bugging me to tell them why I was laughing out loud, so I just gave up and read it to them. Their eyes were HUGE! Then they proceeded to tell me how much funnier your writing is than mine, but no worries, I still love you! Kids are so honest. ;)
ROFL! This is too funny! I know someone who would love to read this. You made it real and entertaining at the same time. I loved the image of "Tee-shirt diving" that was simply hilarious. ^_^
Hysterically funny! Written by a true bird expert. And thanks... I always thought I wanted a bird, but not anymore. Ever wish someone would have told you these kinds of truths about children too? Just kidding! =) Blessings, Cheri
Very, very enjoyable story. There were just so many great lines in this - 'Tell your guests it’s modern art', 'Tee-shirt diving', 'wading into your spaghetti to sample it.' All combined to give me a great laugh. Wonderfully written by a true bird lover.
As a former parrot owner who had to sell her parrot because he helped himself to a chunk out of my dog's nose, I found this soooo delightful and funny. But then, you are, too, Betty dear, just so delightful and funny!
Congratulations on taking 9th place in your level with this piece, Betty!
And you placed 13th overall. Awesome!