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I laughed out loud! this was humorous and enjoyable. Great idea. I'm wondering if there should be quotation marks or something to distinguish the speakers? But each if their voices were written so distinctly that I was able to tell them apart! Loved it!
What fun - and what incredibly wonderful characterization of each feline - from the name to the mannerisms to the speech. LOVE the Siamese especially.
Very creative--masterfully done. I loved it.
Cat Chat Tonight: what a hoot! I love the feline characterizations in this story-it is a delight to read! (A break to clean their nether regions-LOL!)
Hats off for creativity – fantastic. I thoroughly enjoyed this.
Isn’t there something wonderfully convoluted about using the anthropomorphic medium of a human chat show to decry anthropomorphism? Deliciously crazy.
Oh, Karen, this is an absolute MASTERPIECE!
This was FUN! I loved it. You did a great job of giving each cat its own personality. Very well done.
I'm grinning like the cat who ate the canary oops......
can I be your friend? I needed a lift today, my mood has been bleak at best and now I'm much better. I Love You! So glad you didn't go for normal!!!!!!!!!
Still grinning...
Congratulations on placing 27th overall with this entry, Karen!