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Your dance analogy was well done to and including the last waltz before a new dance began. Well done.
I also enjoyed the dancing analogy. I felt however that you didnt really get into your stride until the fourth paragraph, after which the narrative flowed much better. Your ending did however tie in well with the beginning. So well done.
I love the analogy - nice job with it. I also love that this comes full circle, and the well-done comparisons between the two.
So very true to many of us--relationships are not always smooth sailing. You have a very effective metaphor here.
I like that you didn't sugar coat everything--that made it feel more real. (If they're going to disagree--then have them disagree, instead of we disagree and it was wonderful.) I also liked the dance imagery.
This story was so touching. I love the way you used dancing as an example. Well done my friend.
Beautiful, beautiful writing--you really have a way with just the right turn of phrase.

I felt that that last two paragraphs felt a bit anticlimactic--that the piece really ended best at the last waltz.

Great job with the dancing metaphor...this is a splendid story.
Wonderful story, truth and love. I loved that the MC was able to comfort her MIL's fears at the end of the dance. Very touching. Well done, very well done indeed.
I loved the dance metaphor, all the contrasts, and the evolution of your relationship. This is so good.
I love how you tied the beginning and end together. The analogy about the dance was excellent. Well done.
I love how the dance continues to the next generation.

Well done.
What a warm, beautiful story! I loved it.
I love it. And weaving the whole story against the backdrop of a dance tied it together beautifully. Loved the honesty, the hospital scene, and coming full circle with the ending.
This is beautiful. It actually made my eyes mist. Lovely.
Congratulations on your EC! It is well deserved. This is a lovely work.
So glad this got an EC. The ending got me teary eyed. It was such a touching story. Thank you for sharing it.
Beautiful job! Congrats on the EC. Blessings, Cheri
What shines through all this is that the mil/dil relationship had balance and honesty. Both retained the integrity of thier individuality while at the same time bowing to the golden rule. You told the story so very well. I really enjoyed reading about your dance.
Sharlyn, congrats on you EC. This was a wonderful way to describe an intimate and sometimes strained relationship. I loved the deathbed scene and the love that shone through her to you. What a good example of how the dance goes on as you pass what she taught you to your own family. This was touching and an enjoyable read.
Congratulations on your EC. This is beautiful. I love the dance metaphor.
I like how the theme of the title flowed smoothly throughout this piece. Congratulations on your well-deserved win. I liked everything about this story. The voice was wonderful!
Sharlyn, what a great article, authentic, transparent and covered with the grace and love that only Jesus can give. I loved it. I do remember that Aunt Lillian had a lot of energy, and a sense of being in command that sure must have stood her in good stead in the classroom and raising kids. What a touching story. You had a good relationship, despite personality differences. And nice touch at the end of you saying the same thing to your son about marrying!
Love, Margaret