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This whole story came alive in my head. I love the dialect and how you showed his salvation.

Will Marla's story be next? She won't last many days as odd man out;)

Masterful indeed!
I love the voice of your mc and the story of how he found his own "shakes."
I wish that I could write so powerfully in regional dialect. I guess that you just have to have the ear for it. This was an intoxicatingly delightful story. My only reservation would be that Im not so sure that its bang on topic. But sometimes we all write just for the sheer pleasure of getting something down on paper!
Love the voice of this piece. Great job with dialect and the story itself. A great read!
Oooh, good one! I love the irony in the title, and the wonderful atmosphere. Super!
This is a great piece of writing, as all your pieces are. Always out-of-the-box and edgy. Keeping us on our toes, my dear:)
I love the voice of your MC and the way you painted this picture of words. Well done my friend.
Great voice. We must have the same neighbors. ;0)
This is well written and an entertaining read.
Love the voice. I felt transported into a whole different place. Great writing.
Loved the voice and dialogue in this. I was a bit confused if it was a male or female speaking at first, but then I figured out that it was the woman's son-in-law. This was a creative and fun read. Thank you for sharing! :)
This was a great read, I was still chuckling at the end. Loved how it turned out, great job. ^_^
Congratulations, Sally, on placing t10h in your level and 13th overall. Great job!