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I enjoyed this delightful story of an Italian mother-in-law.
This is cute. It was nice to see the transition. I'm glad they ended up as friends.
I love love LOVE the voice of this! This was an absolutely enjoyable piece, with such a fun transformation, slow though it was. Delightful.
I can relate to this more than I would like to! If this was fiction for the author, you sure fooled me. Great job of telling an age-old story ... which is why my brother is still single at 56.
Given time, and opportunity, all kinds of opinions can be changed. Great story.
Congratulations, Gregory, on placing 35th overall. Great job!
Congratulations, Gregory, on placing 35th overall. Great job!
"On the occasions when she condescended to dine at Isabellas, the little sparrow would push her plate away after only a few mouthfuls." - I loved this line. Great description.

I also loved how how you painted such a real picture of how obtuse the mother-in-law was ("rather than give his parents the filial respect they deserved, Tom had charged off after her.") and then how she changed.

Though it took a great loss in Isabela's life to trigger her change of heart, that's what made the piece believable - often God has to really get our attention before He can help us to grow.

Nice work, Cheri