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Oh! I love this! These creative versions of Bible stories really make me wonder if it couldn't have been just like this! Well done.
Outstanding! I can practically see her placing her hands on her hibs and wagging her neck.

Your last lines touches home, maybe for many.

WELL DONE! I think this will receive a ribbon.
Very,very cute and written so well, it read like a chapter from a book about "Bible Stories
Made Modern."I loved it!
What fun, loved everything about it! The humor is perfect.
Oh, I LOVE it! I laughed HEARTILY throughout. This must have been a BLAST to write. Super job, especially, on characterization and descriptions. ADORED this!
This is awesome--so well written! I am very impressed. Bravo!
Oh it just gets worse and worse. :-D Once I realized what 'cruise ship' they'd be on, I laughed.
Funny, funny, funny! I don't know how you do it...this just killed me. I loved every line, and your narrator's witty sarcasm.
Awesome writing! Loved, loved this! Especially love your last line. What a perfect way to end it and so very very true!
What a hoot! You had me going for a while. Makes you wonder how those daughter-in-laws felt. I'm glad I know how the story ends. Nice job.
ROFL! What a hilarious way to portray these old characters! I loved the new POV and especially the end, the last lines cracked me up! ^_^
This was a delightful read! I just love it! You brought those characters to life in ways I've never dreamed of. Excellent! Blessings, Cheri
What an incredible take on the topic, and your writing is phenomenal. Creative and funny. Well done!
This was so much fun. I laughed aloud at "My husband warily eyed the chopping instrument in my hand before answering" Wonderful story, I loved the attitude of the MC. Well done, very well done indeed.

This story is definitely deserving of the "highly commended" honor bestowed upon it.

I love witty and sarcastic takes on stories like this. Very fun!
This story leaves me wondering if I had been the MC, would I have gotten on the boat? I sure hope so! Great job and a fun read.
Congratulations on your EC!!!!! Awesome writing!
What a fun story! It was a great take on an the actual Bible event. I can just see that happening.
How about if I just say ditto to all the above and then add Wow!
This was brilliant! What a creative fun idea. This deserved an EC. Congrats!