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I didn't like the mother-in-law, but I liked your story of how the children followed love. She was going to be the loser.
Good characterization - and you have some great little descriptions in here. Caught a few grammar things, but nothing major. Enjoyed this.
Ooooh, I liked your ending. Mother-in-law definitely wouldn't understand them leaving now. Makes me wonder what will happen next. I like your couple. They'll be OK. ;-)
I love that you made Charles the POV character, even though the whole story was the conversation between his wife and his mother. Really nice touch.

In the very first sentence, it should be "...he and his wife..." instead of "...him and his wife..." A minor error, but you don't want even a minor error in the first sentence!

Loved the wife's wonderful attitude!
I also loved the wife's attitude and the story bein told from the son's POV.

I only noticed a few minor glitches, which have already been mentioned.

All in all, I really loved your story. Well done!
Believable dialog, and very well written. The mother-in-law is a classic example of a "meddling mother-in-law." Well done.
You've created some good drama here! I thought it took Charles entlirely too long to step in on his wife's behalf. Good thing they're getting out of town, if he can't stand up to his mom in those situations!
Your MIL could be a Disney villian!!!
Hated her!-Good job!
What a mean mother-in-law, but sadly there are people out there like that. I really am glad that Charles stuck up for his God and for his wife. Good for him!

Thank you for sharing this. It was a good read. :)
Wow! You fleshed out the character of the MIL so well that I felt like I'd known her forever. She gives MILs everywhere a bad name. Any way you look at it, being a MIL and having a MIL requires time and patience and plenty of prayer, and even then there are no guarantees. Nice job.
Great job for the kids. I felt sad that the Mother wouldn't even think or give them a chance and the sugary smile that made up her mask, that gave me a shudder. You did well with her character. Great job! ^_^