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What a difficult mother-in-law and what a wise neighbor!
I like your use of the weather's elements as metaphors in your story.
Excellent job with the dialog. I was captivated by this story throughout. Nice job!
Great story, great lesson.
How hard we must try sometimes....
Enjoyed the gale!
Yikes, talk about over-reacting! What a sad, difficult woman. My heart goes out to her (and to you!)
I like the hurricane analogy at the beginning, and the great advice offered by the neighbor. Excellent writing!
I love the kind neighbor and her words of wisdom. This was a really good story with a powerful lesson. Well done my friend.
Loved this from start to finish. Your descriptions and the dialogue were just wonderful. Beautifully crafted!
It's a clean, easy read, which I appreciate. Well structured. Wish I knew how much was pure fiction and how much is real. Seemed a bit far out there to be real - but then again, maybe there are really out-of-control mother-in-laws like that out there! I just can't imagine someone getting in such a fit over a thank you card. If that's legit, man, that lady needs to be heavily medicated or something (a lobotomy, maybe). But that's a side issue, it doesn't distract from the piece, which is very well done.

Thanks for posting it.
The beginning captured my attention (dare I say: "Blew me away!") and the rest did not disappoint. Well done.
Wow, I'm thinking "Wicked Witch of the West". You did a great job creating your characters. The last line was very real, and I could picture a friend saying it. Well done.
Oops, I don't know if this is a real story or not. If it is, I guess I put my foot in my mouth. It wouldn't be the first time.
Gee...were you writing about MY mother-in-law? You could have been...
Very well done. I really love the weather imagery.