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Somebody VERY creative and with an excellent sense of humor had some fun here. I did, too!
Love the characters' names, and the hopping on one foot. So creative and funny. And the badminton part is a hoot. Very creative take on the topic.
This was ... well... weird!
Weird and delightful and funny and full of wit and fun and enjoyment! Thou art so fulleth of the Creative juices, wouldst thou pondereth upon sharing a
goblet of juice with me?
Oh MY!! This had to have been a HOOT to write. I started laughing in the second paragraph, and literally did NOT stop! Absolutely delightful. There is so much cleverness in here, I have to read it again (and again and again) to pick up on it. I love the little raven/dove parallel. What a hoot this ALL is!!
Hilarious! So funny to read on a Friday morning! I loved your ending -- nice aim:) You hit the target perfectly with this entry!
Seersucker, Jellonia, the sun shadowed at 'that' word, the raven crying,,,,,,in a word-Wonderful!

Most definietly a favorite.
Awww! I almost felt sorry for the prince, but mostly I wanted to whack those other two. lolz. This was good, just the right amount of humor and the Ye Old English test was simply hilarious! Great job with this! ^_^
Poor Prince Pembroke...all that weird work for nothing. Love the characters and every little funny thing about this story! It's perfect.
I loved the last test because it shows a person's true character. The truth is, he didn't deserve the fair maiden. Not really. Being willing to harm an innocent animal for the sake of being accepted doesn't speak well of his character. This was fun to read, I laughed lots. At first, I thought you were going to make us read Old English through the whole thing. I was very relieved to find it was just in reference to passing a test. Well done, sire, (or lady), well done.
Ha ha! I love everything about this!
Oh my stars! How FUNNY. I have a sneaking suspicion I know the author of this piece. I don't know what to say, other than I'm gonna read it again!
Forget Wheaties for breakfast! You had a box of 'Smarties'. What a great story. You have to feel for the poor prince though. I thought the test was just a little unfair.
Great writing girl!

Love the characters and wit, very creative and a lot of fun!
This was just too funny! Twisted, is the best word I can think of to describe it. This was great!
Laugh out loud funny...amazingly witty and creative.
Your creativity is amazing. This grabbed my attention and I had no idea where it was going. Well done.
Brilliant! A raven shrieked in the distance...hahahaha.
It's always a treat to read your entries, and this one is great fun down to every last detail. Totally out of the box!
Great humor, light-hearted fun. Enjoyed it. A bit puzzled at the ending, though. I thought these tales always had a happy ending? :)
Jan, I LOVE your creativity, as always!
“Y’know,” he said, “now that you’ve passed Ye Olde English, you don’t have to talk like that any more.”

LOL! That's my kind of humor right there, Jan. I loved loved loved this story! So hilarious and original. Had me smiling the entire time. :)
Oh Jan! Jan, Jan, Jan...had me smiling at my computer from the name Sir Seersucker all the way to the careful aim. Then I burst out laughing and caused my family to glare during their sacred TV show. ROFL.
H-I-L-A-R-I-O-U-S. Period. Loved it.
Jan, this is one of my favorites of all of your stories that I have read! What a fabulous allegory about discerning the boundaries of tolerance. I loved your last line.
You have passed the creativity test. Bravo!
This is a scream... with a message: a touch of Alice in Wonderland and a dash of Pilgrim's Progress but mostly Jan. I wondered if PP was going to swat at live in-laws, er... I mean birds. Guess he deserved to lose.:)
There comes a point when we must strengthen our backbones, and PP couldn't/wouldn't. What a shame. But what a great lesson for us all.

Thank you for this well done story.
Oh... this was so good! I just chuckled all the way through it. What a talented writer you are! Thanks for a wonderfully fun read! Blessings, Cheri
Forsooth! It appears that I have sullied myself while perusing this highly jocular tale. Verily, as a jester thou hast no match! Fabulous! But I must ask thee, what is the Wierdness in orange fingernails? Perhaps the hue?
Excellent writing, as usual. You are definitely a master at words.
I can't even begin to imagine how you came up with this ... chocolate overdose maybe? Very entertaining and a lesson in how to write right. Thanks...
You had a lot of fun with this one, especially with the names. Princess Serendipity had me waiting for Pembroke to discover her accidentally. I also saw a serious message there, a lot of people give into peer pressure and do what is wrong, simply to impress others.
Congratulations, Jan, on placing 27th overall. Great job!
Not many entries make me laugh out loud, but this one did! Especially the very last line. PERFECT!