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This story is beautifully told of "the beauty of hope, frozen in faith." The example of the paperweight was excellent.
The paperweight analogy was absolutely amazing, and the second half of this piece, especially, seemed beautifully done and captivating. Lovely.
I see what you were trying to accomplish with this piece, and I think you can consider it successful, if a little rough around the edges. Some awkward word choices throughout (attended, voracious, emanating, quizzically, semblance...) but not enough to derail. It held well through to the end. Sure are a lot of "death/tragedy" entries this week in the Masters level...

Thanks for posting it. It has strength.
A beautifully done story. In a way, I'm glad it doesn't have an endingyet! Like hope and the faith that it is wrapped in, the story continues. Well done.
This was beautiful and was wondering if she would live or die.
Lots of description and visuals to help the reader see the settings. Personally, I would have liked to feel a little more emotion coming from both the MC and brother-in-law. Great analogy and truth. Blessings, Angel
As always, quietly moving and profound. I also like the paperweight analogy with faith perfectly preserving the vision God puts in the heart. That's a captivating image (no pun intended). I did wonder if you meant "blips" instead of "blimps" regarding the monitor.
Faith, she said, is like the crystal covering these tiny flowers, poured and molded over the meadow, freezing their perfection for eternity. You cant see it, yet it preserves what you hoped for, that flawless vision God had put in your heart."

Wow. How beautifully put. This is an elegantly written piece. I savored every line as I read it.

I love your message and the fact that you didn't disclose whether the woman lived or died. I liked being able to picture my own ending.