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This was a very interesting story, in spite of the computer transference problems.
I like the son-in-law side of the story.

Great angle and great story.

Loved the early descriptions of Rosie.
This must have been fun to research - sounds like a fascinating woman, and you've done her, and the other characters, justice here. Very vivid.
I laughed at this line: more men attached to her harness than I had dollars in the bank
You sure covered a lot of ground in this entry. Pretty ambitious. Overall, it works well, but I have to question this line:

- "and tossed a dusky chestnut mane"

I had to re-read the opening a few times trying to figure out if Rosie was a woman or a horse. If this is referring to Rosie the human, I would definitely give it the axe. It's so overdone, it's burnt, lol. That, and the line that had "rosy" and "Rosie" so close together, I would change, but other than that, it's a good piece, and I'd call it a successful entry as well. Aside from the punctuation problem, but what can you do...computers are wonky sometimes. Thanks for posting it.
How creative and courageous of you to write in the historical fiction genre for this topic. I always enjoy stories like this, and yours is great!
I loved the son-in-law's voice and point of view. This is a very interesting story and the descriptions are great!
Very different but enjoyable story. You had the Sheriff's voice down perfectly. I love this type of story, reality woven with fiction. well done!