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I really enjoyed sharing the heart of the bride's mother, which you presented so well. I believe I'd had every single one of them myself. Excellent writing.
The mother's reflections were very thorough, and her conclusions sound. Good advise for many in-laws, I think.
LOVE the honesty of this - and the flashbacks that are woven in so skillfully. Can't relate yet, but I imagine I will sooner than I can imagine ;)
A delightful look at a mother in law's thoughts as her daughter marries.
Those of us who have been through it will understand. Lovely flow through the whole story.
I love how accurately the thoughts of this MIL echoed my own thoughts as my sons married. Well done!
Hey! No fair reading my mind--twice!

Very well done, and I really like the back-and-forth structure.
This is all so true. Mothers of brides really do think these things. Very realistic and well done.
Oh, this is so touching. Wow! Love this.
I loved feeling and knowing the mother's thoughts. Very creative.
Priceless. Masterfully written and moving beyond words.
I think you nailed it here as far as drawing in every mother-in-law.
I've never had the pleasure of being mother of the bride but I loved this piece! It's so sensitively written. Kudos!
Written as though you have experience in such things! I trust this was a bit auto-biographical? :) I liked the structure of the piece. Most of all, the way the piece felt real, and not forced in any way.

Good job. Thanks for posting.
The inner dialog is great, I can see her wringing her hankie.

The woman's voice was spot on, and I loved her prayer to the Lord. Even though I am not a parent, I can imagine that many parents have the same thoughts and questions as this mother did, when marrying off their children. Great job with this one! :)
oooh I did love this. I will be a mom of the bride for the third and last time... at the end of the summer and ALL those feelings and thoughts are so real... genuine.. normal.. human... LOVED IT... you put us into words and normalized the anxiety and prayer to be NOT like the stereotype... THANKS .. this was a gift.
What a precious glimpse here! I loved the italics of her inner thoughts, and how they were random enough to be realistic-the changing from wondering about kids, to being excited for grandchildren and all. This was simply wonderful! ^_^
Wonderful...if she keeps praying like this she will be a great mother-in-law.
This was very sweet and tender. Having none married, I still imagine what that is going to be like. Thanks for this glimpse.