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Poor Tonya! I felt a little sorry for her until the end where she gave Sean the candy, then I felt sorry for Billy. I liked how you described the tree house though...always wanted one of those. ^_^
Oh, I love it! Revenge can be so SWEET! (pun absolutely intended:D) Super job on the characterization and dialog. Nicely done!
Cute story on getting even without actually harming anyone. Reminds me of seeing my toddler screaming around the house like a lunatic, causing me to ask, "Okay, who gave him a sugar lolly..."
There's a saying that goes something like "revenge served hot is the sweetest" however, in Tonya's case, slow cooking over time seemed to bring out the succulent sweetness to a greater degree. Oh what fun! I loved it Miss E
This was such a fun read! Revenge is such a great word to play with and you had a great time with it! Kudos!
This is super, and I really liked your rendition of Tonya's lithp. Really added personality to an already wonderful little story.
I loved this. Great voice, and what a perfect ending.
Sweet pay back!
I hated the thought of her sitting in that tree house crying her eyes out.
Fun and so well done!
Ha, ha!

I do a similar thing to my little brother. We give back the noisy bleep*ing toys he gave our children.

Very well done and a sweet play on words.
I love how the title is played out in this story. Very cute. I could see it all unfolding.
I loved the little girls lisp. This whole story was a lot of fun. The ending reminds me of my niece when she has been given just a tiny dose of sugar.

This story was very enjoyable to read. Thank you for sharing. :)
Ah sweet revenge. I loved it!
Perfect title for a delightful story. Brothers and sisters don't realize their behavior will come back to haunt them, even if it takes 25 years and the next generation! Great job.
Great story! Loved the atmosphere you created and the ultimate revenge at the end. Well done!