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Hmmm, I'm not exactly sure what happened here. I could be missing the whole picture. I thought one of the brothers had shot himself in the head, but then I was wondering how he could'v seemingly survived to be in the hospital by then. This was pretty good though, with atmosphere and all. Nice job. ^_^
Nice job with the atmosphere and characterization - and your descriptions are stunning. I was completely engrossed in this story.

I also am not 100% sure what happened, but this was very intriguing.

Excellent story. It was very interesting how the Lord spoke to the one who was planning to commit suicide.
Wowzers! This was so cool. I think I get it... Hmmm, Milton had the attempted suicide, which misfired when he heard a car crash, which was Matthew hitting a tree after a 'divine' halucination of a boy (that I am spectulating was the image of Milton as a child)....Am I close?
Regardless, I loved it. I thought it was very clever and gutsy. Well done.
Excellent writing, although I admit I missed the point. You put me right in the middle of the action. I think you should expand this. I want to know more.
Great story, with so much happening, but a little hard to follow. I understand that "There was a loud bang and a gunshot" was the car crash and a gunshot that missed as a result. But not sure where the boy fitted into it, unless some kind of a vision. Also needed a break of some kind between 3rd and 4th paragraphs.