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Wonderful little snapshots - and such a fun voice for this. This must have been fun to write. I know I enjoyed reading it!
So funny. Love the format--very unique. This brought back similar memories with my sisters. The part about the undies cracked me up. Great job with the topic.
You took me on a fun journey to the past. The incidents were similar to some from my own childhood. Loved the Fun Dip, cinnamon tooth picks and wax lips, too. Great memories. Thanks.
I never had a big or little sister (twisted or otherwise) but I wonder if Big Sis would tell the story differently :-)
My grandchildren do similar things though, dressing up and then singing and dancing. Loved the extra undies and long johns.
I know you had fun writing this! Just the set-up alone is worth first place. Leave it to you to write about "Twisted Sisters". What a hoot! Kudos! I'm sitting on my little blue plastic milk crate at the end of the road waiting anxiously for the sequel! So cute!
Bravo, bravo--applauding madly. I'm a huge fan of stage and theater, and I had such fun reading this. Made me wish for a sister, twisted or not. I like that even though the overall tone was light, you didn't gloss over anything. Excellent!
This really stands out as unique and clever. I really love the intro! As a BIG SIS, the scenes are so familiar, but I guarantee the big sis would have a different memory or things. LOL. This really brought back memories. Love this.
Very creative entry and title with light and funny writing.
This would be so much fun to watch. Great job being creative and authentic.
Fun and so creative, thanks for the break as you stated in your intro.

Glad you entered this piece.
Delightfully creative and excellently written
Soooooo fun! Makes me wish my (real) sisters and I weren't spread over 12 years! But I sure do have twisted sisters now!!! LoL! I loved it! You simply shine at these! Huggles!
This took me back to my Lil' Sis days. My Big Sis is only 11 months older than me and hooo-boy! Did we ever fight...but it was fun. Love the characters and story, and the format is sooo refreshing. Really enjoyed this.
Loved the format (sooo creative), and the part about the "poochy bottoms." LOL. What a fun way to share memories. Reminds me of some of the memories my younger sister and I had growing up. Those were the days...*sigh*
You really managed to put me there in the midst of those scenes. I loved the banter and the 'undies' scene, and reading the older sister's diary was priceless.
Laura -- how did I miss your entry? Wonderful work, as always. I could see every scene as it was played out. Wonderful!
Your format is great! I totally enjoyed each scene of this play. Excellent creativity displayed here.
Ooohhh! This is how scripts should be done! I liked the little sis-and was rooting for her all the way here! lolz. I loved the part with reading the diary and "I don't wanna be your slave!" ROFL-that was just too funny, great job! ^_^
This really was a fun read. I enjoyed it a great deal.
This was really good. I actually tried the "padding of the underwear & long johns" one time when I knew I was getting a spanking. My dad laughed so hard he couldn't spank me.
A little late to comment on this, but wasn't into challenges for awhile - looking after invalid husband, but now I have more time, as he has learned well to cope with one leg...But back to this play. Cute! Real cute! And very life-like. I had 2 big sisters and 2 little sisters, with a brother in between. We played fun games, too, but never this original. And as for the "belt", no pre-warning came if we misbehaved!!! But we all survived and loved our Daddy, even if he was strict....You are very clever to get this scene so life-like. Congrats! Thanks for your comment on my Pets entry....Helen
This was WELL WORTH entering all the "html code"! I hope this is performed some day (or night) at a church somewhere...or perhaps in a Mall, as an outreach! WELL DONE!