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Wonderful, WONDERFUL use of the sound repetition devices - made this flow just right. A wonderful message as well - especially the last stanza, of course.
Awesome poetry. I loved the story and the message revealed through the lines.
This really touched me. I am one of three sisters, and you captured the stages of life so well in this. Kudos.
Lovely poem. I have one sister and can definitely see the progress through each of these stages for us as well. Beautiful.
Oh, wow! This is such a great example of free verse that is so much more than just "artfully arranged prose." You use so many wonderful poetic tools, and ALSO have a poem rich in feeling. VERY good.
This was great - my fav line was
"obvious mirror images
of anotherour mother
like it
or not"
I loved the way it flowed and was knit together by certain phrases repeated. I also like the use of doors as they walk through different areas of their lives. Nicely done.
Wow! Interesting freeform, but yet a "dance" of sounds. I loved this stanza, its choice of words and sounds. There's a hint of story within it.

innocence overcome
louder laughter
and lament
profound Providence
doors closed
that needed closing
stronger bond
forged with another
or not
The words your use are so descriptive and powerful. I think you are a free-verse master. This is wonderful.
Loved the progression and the theme.

Very talened and creative entry.
I loved the first line! It just seems so perfect! The images and the descriptions are great! ^_^
You are a master of descriptive phrases, no kidding. I love the progression of this poem and the freedom that doing it free verse gave you. Kudos!
So happy to find this. I had a sister and raised three girls who are now finding each other as they blossom into young women. This tells their story. Loved the way they turn out like MOM.. like it or not... made me laugh.. but loved loved loved the last verse..
This is a keeper for my favorites..