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Very sweet, and lovely memories. Nice job with the rhyme and meter.
Your poem says so much and there's a lovely feel to it.
So many universal experiences in this delightful reflection on siblings-fun and well done!
I like your meter--sometimes rhymed couplets get a bit wearisome, but you broke up the rhythm a bit by making the 2nd line shorter than the first. Excellent.
Excellent, Verna! Great job;) You make me want to go right out and call my brother and sisters!
This poem made me nostalgic for my siblings-when we were all together under one roof and the only things we worried about were our childhood games and grievances! Love the many common examples that being a sibling entails.
This would be lovely on a greeting card! I like the unusual rhythm you used. It worked well for the wording you chose.
Sweet recollections in this poem. It is very nostalgic and has a nice feel to it. Kudos.
She's so lucky to have a sister like you! What a loving poem, and one you can cross-stitch for her for her birthday! Great job, Verna!
This was well done. Enjoyed it from start to finish.
You captured everything is this poem. I especially like the reminiscing with "Who still remembers how Mom cooked -- And how her kitchen looked?" Your meter and rhyme are excellent. Very nicely written.
Your few words said so much.
I love this little poem.
Awww! This is such a great tribute to sisters/brothers! I really liked how you put things like the memory of Mom cooking in the kitchen, etc. So nice! ^_^
You know, this made me zoom out to all the incredible questions I would ask about my sister. She has been such a faithful friend and has loved me so incredibly. I don't sit and ponder it often enough. Love this.
You cover a lot of life in such a short space.. nicely done!
I was very touched by your writing. I lost my brother several years ago and this poem reminded me so much of our relationship.
Endearing and written so well, that I'm a bit envious of the wonderful relationship you all shared!
I agree with everyone else, especially that this would make an excellent greeting card... I would buy it for my sister!
Yes, there's something special about being able to share memories with someone.
Very well done!
Yes, I also agree that this would make a perfect card to give a sibling. Well done my friend.