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Cute and clever. Definitely a fun voice.
Quite entertaining.
What a delightful piece. I loved it!
What fun! I'm a sucker for a pun and I backed right into it.
HAHAHA.. awesome.. I wondered where this was going and I ran smack-dab into it!

I thought about doing this with a pun once but didn't.. so cool!
LOVE IT! The voice was perfect, and I was NOT expecting that perfect pun at the ending. I'm a huge fan of wordplay, so this one gets 10 stars from me!
Oh funny! Betty is so very funny! Thanks for the laugh! ROFL!
Grrooaaannnn...did NOT expect that pun at the end, Betty! What fun! I love the period feel of this entry-right down to the gum. Reminded me of the days when my sister and I were both at home. (Only our time would be the "Mellow Yellow" days of the sixties.)
Ha! It took reading the last line three times, but I finally got it! Duh! Lots of fun, and very entertaining with all the details...teaberry gum, cherry flavored lipstick, and all. Nice work!
Way cool! Your characters were so well written and very much late 50s.

I just about choked on my coffee with the Sy Lentz is Goal Ten.

Loved the banter between the sisters, and that pun...what can I say?
I heard the smack of the finger nail polish hitting the big sister's hand. Priceless. You brought these girls and the era to life, this was so much fun!
Wowzer, this is brilliantly clever. Love it from title to end.
okay, ROFL! You got me here with that pun at the end! Lolz! I liked the coolsvile sisters, I do hope there are more stories about them! I loved the interaction between the two and especially the ending where she got her yellow dress and was able to go to the prom with Sy. Cute! ^_^
I enjoy your entries each week. They are always fresh and entertaining. Excellent writing this week too. Loved it!
Okay, I just have to ask, did the ending of that story come first and you built up to it? Or, did it just develop naturally to that wonderfully funny Aesop ending? Either way, this was a delight to read!
Brilliant! Rolled right off that cliff...groooaaannn!
Wonderful writing!!!
Hahaha! The pun at the end is right up my alley. I loved the dialogue in this. It's just how you would expect two teenage girls from the 50's (or is it 60's?) to act. Very clever with just enough goofiness mixed in to make it a lot of fun.
Ok. Maybe if I had read your title better I wouldn't have questioned whether this happened in the 50's or 60's. :)
This was a hoot to read and I loved every single word of it. Well done!