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Oh wow! I want to say that this is sad, but the hope here in that one word, it makes it seem 'just right'. I'm so glad she had a mother to come and comfort her and I liked the descriptions from when she was on the swing, such as 'crinkling to the ground'. Great job! ^_^
A very visual, moving piece. The anguish is so real, and that last word the perfect ray of hope in this place of no hope. Masterfully done.
Great job in potraying the emptiness and loss when losing the partner. Also liked the way in which the widow appeared to be the mother the article was about, but then the last one expanded on that beautifully.
We never outgrow our need of "Mom" as you showed so creatively. Your description of sadness was exceptionally well done.
Kleenex! Paging Mr. Kleenex!

This was so tender and beautiful, I could feel the MC's pain. Loved this...
Great emotive writing.
I thought this story was just about a widowed mother, and then you surprised me with the widow's mother showing up.

Your writing style is beautiful, and it really gripped my emotions. I appreciate you sharing this sad, but beautiful story. It was a pleasure to read.
So glad for the brick or I might have missed this talented entry. So much here to like,great job.
Those of us who've lived with parents who are willing to be there for us no matter what are truly blessed. May we all be such to our children!
Beautiful writing - such emotion in your words! Love the ending. :)
Sally... I LOVED this. There is a "ministry of presence" that the Mom in this story, very beautifully illustrated. Sometimes that is all it takes, and there is a flow of healing that begins. You captured this ministry only a MOM could give brilliantly.. Thanks for this.