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Oooh! I like this-particularly since my name is in it-lolz. This was a nice, different, more personal view of Sarah. I loved how she talked to God and heard His answers. The ending was nice too, I always imagined that she would just hug him tight and tell him that the story could wait for later. Great job! ^_^
I love this COMPLETELY unique point of view of a SO familiar Bible incident. I definitely got a new perspective on this! Very well done.
Good job on this story! This woman, Sarah, what a strong woman she was. A good example for us to follow, in spite of her many mistakes.
This is one of my favorites this week, for sure. I had never before thought of how Sarah must have felt. How realistically and beautifully you've written this.
What a great retelling from a untold POV. I often have wondered what Sarah thought of the pending "sacrifice"...Great job with this one!
What a fantastic retelling.

I struggled with the last line because I wondered “How the Mother would know about the ultimate sacrifice?”

Meanwhile, it seemed like the others were going out for a father and son day in the office. That was so well done.
I love how she laughed with God this time. Your POV rang true.