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Indeed they are keys to her heart! I love how she can hold all her 'treasures' in her hand and the memories attached to them. So real-I could see this playing out in my head. Great job! ^_^
I enjoyed the way the keys told so much of the MC's life. Very creative.
This was a clever way to show a mother's life and her heart. I felt I'd been introduced to them all through her keys. Great job.
How unique this story was! I loved how you told the story by describing each item on her keyring. I couldn't wait to finish reading about one item so that I could jump to the next.

Very engaging and very different. I really enjoyed this. :)
This tugged at my heart strings, and your ending was just perfect.
I love the reflection based on each key. I like how you eased into the key vignettes with the "bump in her rear pocket" and the "silence for the first time that day." The reality of the minivan remote that didn't work was a perfect reflection on the imperfection of life. Your idea to write this was very creative. Wonderful entry!
Lovely title that goes so well with your clever story! I enjoyed your MC's reminiscences and especially liked the way you ended your piece. Great job! :)
You have made me miss the simple days, when going to the library was enjoyable.

A nice, stop and smell the roses feel to this entry.
Your last sentence is a beautiful clincher. Love the "smallness" of this little intimate glimpse into Danielle's life. Very, very nice.
What a creative way to examine a mother's heart--by examining her keychain and the things it contained.
I loved this walk through this mother's heart and mind. It seemed so real that its simple beauty cannot be ignored. How precious are the memories stored in such places as these.
Very sweet, and very well written. I liked what each key represented. You told it well.
Very sweet glimpse! A quiet story told with fondness--hmmm, might you have the keychain in your pocket?
I was surprised at how into this story I was, when I stopped to think about it. Such a simple thing - looking at keys - but you made it interesting! Master at work. :) Just to be nit-picky, I would delete "the" from before "dusk" in the first sentence. But I LOVE the last sentence. :)
I love the details in this little snippet of life. I can't think of how many times I've looked at something as insignificant as a keyring, and was reminded of special people and special memories. The ties to the heart are seldom dramatic, but are made up of the mundane.
Loved this. This is totally an experiment gone right, Joanne!
I love the way you organised this - gently moves from one part of life to the next.
Thanks for the comment on my 'blood' entry. It is 100% true - only the names have been westernised
I loved this Joanne.. if this was an experiment.. keep it up! What I love is the focus on such a small thing with so much wonderful information on a mother's life... Bravo girl!