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Your description of the cultural habits that surround a family member's death is superb. You make the reader feel how love is real, even when it isn't deserved. It's hard to hold back bitter feeling for the one who has just died for her cruelty to one so in need of love and understanding. This is an excellently written story.
Oh, how sad this is. To have enough love for someone even though treated so badly, this is truly a gift from the Lord! To have this kind of love and forgiveness for someone, wow! Great writing, great descriptions!
This is superbly done. I could see Sylby clearly. She has stringy gray hair and a missing front tooth, BTW. ;0)
You addressed the issue very well. Thumbs up.
I love the details you always have in your writing. You give your characters life. Excellent writing!
Your descriptions and details are amazing. Your ending was just perfect. Well done.
Excellent work with perfect descriptions. You took us with you to see it all. I especially liked the "banging screen door," " the stale wood smoke," and "'Evening in Paris' perfume". Beautiful story.
Heartbreaking, outstandingly creative, masterfully written. A really moving and powerful story, Dee.
Excellent descriptions, and vivid characterizations. You brought these characters to life, with their wrinkles and all!
This is a sobering reminder of the faith of a child in his or her parents, no matter whether they are good parents or bad. What a responsibility we have as parents!
Sylby is a great example of the love of Christ. Just as he hung on the cross and said "Father forgive them for they know not what they do", Sylby also showed love for her deceased mother despite the pain caused to her.

I appreciate you sharing this. It really got me thinking about what true love really is.
Liked this off slant entry very much. Family gatherings, no matter the cause are one of my favorite things. I felt like I was there. Wonderful!
I admire the way you have written the innocent acceptance Sylby shows towards her mother's acts. Often, an abused child will cling to the one that hurts them the most, either blaming themselves or somehow assuming this is how loved is expressed. Your work continues to grow brillantly in depth and range.
The detailed physical description with great word choices and your depiction of family life of a certain era and geography are superb. As in so many of your stories I see the bud of a full-length novel.
Superb, from beginning to end.
I'm late getting to the bricks but I'm so glad I got to read this one, Dee. It is superb. How you come up with such rich details is beyond me. It is so well-written that I hope it places very high!