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WOW! I am simply surprised at this one. So creative-of course, but so heartfelt at the same time. I feel an ache for all the mothers out there who don't fit inside that standardized rose-colored Mom Box. This is what they need. I love this, a favorite of mine for this week!-it's a great story and especially for Mother's day. Nice job! ^_^
So creative for the topic and so telling. This entry shows why it is in Masters.
This touched my heart. Excellent writing from the POV of the teen and the poem is perfect. Plus, much to think about.
This is a very creative entry. I liked the idea of a card for a "different," yet very good, mother, doing the best she could. Your writing made the mother's love for her child and for the Lord come through clearly.
How creative and clever! Such a message of truth...not everyone's mom is standard greeting card material, but that doesn't make them less loved...just harder to shop for!
Loved this!
This entry really stands out as unique and creative. I love the MC's teen voice. I can totally visualize the would be a great one. The poem is touching. The ending gave a great prespective. This is really tneder and touching and wonderful and more. Bravo!
Very unique. The message is clear, although it made me think. This was a good read.
This is really, really good, Laura. Very creative entry, with the perfect POV. Love the card at the end. Excellent job with the topic.
This made me cry. I'm a mom and a grandma, too, and too often we write about and celebrate the ideal mom, the "Harriet" of the old "Ozzie and Harriet" tv show. But moms are not perfect and they spend time wishing they had done things differently. Your entry is so special, so poignant, so much "between the lines" that I read it twice to make sure I got every precious morsel.
Thank you, Dearheart.
What a beautiful tribute to a truly amazing mother. We can see the difficulties you went through as a teenager, and also see how you came to respect your mother more and more as you matured in your walk with the Lord. The poem was a beautiful touch.
Wow! Incredibly creative. I love what you did with this. I would hire you for the job. :) Your ending was a nice twist "waited to send this letter."
Not only is this entry so very creative and also "outside of the box", it also probably describes a whole lot more moms than those standard greeting cards in the store do.

You somehow always manage to surprise me with your creative takes on each week's topic. Thank you for sharing this delightful entry. :)
I love the voice of this--it's got a bit of an edge to it, but the tenderness for the mother is unmistakable.
My mother was not your "normal" mom eitherthe cards never fit. My words and actions had to make up for what others couldn't possibly say. You make a good point and have done it very well.
Very creative, and wonderful job with the voice and characterizations. A wonderful message so many of us need - more than likely would be willing to admit it. Excellent, girlie!
What struck me is the exceptional creativity and directness in your writing. You make a compelling point about those "atypical" moms out there--more common than social niceties would have us believe. A novel approach, realistic and touching. And not a bad idea for a greeting card, either! Great job!
As someone who knows the pain of having a mom who is unpredictable, I felt for this MC and her pain. Very tenderly written in detail and topic.
This was so painful to read. Awesome work, so very creative but it made me think what kind of greeting card my kids would give to me if they would take the time to write their own. Living in chronic pain is so hard and unfortunately, our kids live with it right along with us. Thanks for writing this, Laura. I know it was difficult.
Okay, you're hired. : ) Show up Monday 8 am. There are a lot of moms and their children we've kept waiting too long to "hear" your words!
BTW, the phrase that probably touched me most deeply was this: "How? By making you MY mom.
And I would never trade you for another,
for youre the perfect mom for me."

It speaks more words than a heart could possibly hold, Laura.

Take care and God bless, Loren
PERFECT! Absolutely PERFECT! What a unique way to write this challenge. No wonder you are in the Master's category....I loved this. I am sorry, though that you (or the fictional person you wrote for) had such a sad childhood.... How grateful I am for my mother. I couldn't write a short article about her, however, even though I wrote a whole published book about her...I just couldn't!...Helen (Thanks for your comment on my siblings article...)
Dear Krista,

God has used your letter to humble me and my staff. After a three hour prayer meeting (which was supposed to be a boring one hour Staff Meeting, complete with the 'same old' weekly PowerPoint presentations) we have decided to form a new line of greeting cards. Please contact as AS SOON AS POSSIBLE regarding an employment opportunity in our company.

God bless you--and keep writing!