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Beautiful job on your MCs internal monologue and her wrenching decision-making process. I also really like the understated character of the grandmother, with her hesitation that spoke volumes. And a great title, too!
What a realization! To finally see and with her husband in prayer come to a decision, I felt as if I were watching this whole piece play out like a clip in a movie! Very vivid descriptions, etc and especially with the forgotten lunch. I liked the last line best though. Great job! ^_^
Thank you for this. Sincerely. I think if more women had this attitude, our families would not be in such messes. This is well written. Thumbs up.
You did a great job of showing how one forgotten lunch awakened a mother's heart and changed her priorities. The process of change was presented excellently.
I enjoy the way you draw your reader into the story and excellent lesson too.
What an impacting way to approach the topic. You shared this person's story without preaching to others. And it packed alotta punch. I liked the way it didn't just encompass the working mom, but also the overcommitted mom. Well done.
Bittersweet and convicting. Well done.
Your MC's struggle is well developed and expressed. I'm so glad she made the decision to stay home.
Wonderfully done - great job with the interior monologue and descriptions. An amazing revelation, described vividly.
I like the lesson being taught in this story. We all need to take the time to examine our lives and make sure that our priorities are what they should be. We tend to get caught up with money, jobs, success, and a million other things, and meanwhile, the people and things that matter most get neglected.

You did a wonderful job with this. I enjoyed the dialogue and the decision of the woman. Thank you for sharing. :)
"CLAP,CLAP,CLAP" This a standing ovation for having your mother do the right thing, not just being sorry.
Too many kids are 'raising' themselves. They don't think they have anyone to turn to. What a wise grandmother to show them the way.
Yea! Well done-loved how the couple hit their knees together on such an important decision.
Good job. This is a mom that truly loves her children and will make sacrifices for them. I too would like to see more moms make this decision.
I'm smiling after reading this one. Talk about a devine wake-up call to get our priorites right. Sadly the truth of what this mother is/was going through is more real than can be imagnined.
Wow. This really touched me. And to think its an excerpt from your life. How well I could identify with that need to feel... that we are doing something more worthy (not) than just being a homemaker and a mom. Just one more reminder of this upside down culture we live in. But oh how good it feels when we succeed in walking in the Father's will. There is no greater place to be.