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I love the way you interpet the phrase "sand in my shoes" that's neat! I liked to see both journeys that this mother went on, both physical and emotional, what a trip!

I especially liked the line where "Maybe it's unsentimental to remember my mother for her feet"

Great job! ^_^
Oh, I really enjoyed this story about Momma's feet! :)

A favorite line is: "I remember her feet because they carried her, carried her to my bedside when I was sick, carried her to the kitchen to bake cookies, carried her across the sand."

I appreciate how you wove her physical/life walk and her spiritual journey into this piece, and I liked the imagery you used of sun, sand,plants, etc. Well done! :)

This a unique entry and so enjoyable. Especially loved this line. "Where summer raindrops the size of dinner plates fall on people who’ve given up on umbrellas."

Keep up the good words!
I loved how you weaved two stories into one with a common theme. This is very original and well done.
A wonderful journey, thanks for sharing it with us.We all need sand in our shoes at time or another.
Marvelous voice and the shoe tie-in was masterfully done. I truly enjoyed this read.
How wonderfully creative. Well done.
This is so well-done, with such good word carpentry. You were brave to write this, spilling it all out, chaff and grain together, because that's how we all are: a mixture. I love your writing!!
CONGRATULATIONS on your EC! I'm glad your story did so well, as I really liked it when I first read it!