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So beautiful. So sad. And so wonderful, all mingled together.
So very sad! I loved the character of Mary Alice the best. I was mad at the older nurse for simply yanking away Nathan...but you did good. Lots of emotion and good atmosphere here. I liked it. ^_^
You told this poignant story with just exactly the right words. Your voice and sense of character are strong. It made me so glad I could keep my babies.
Well, the least you could do is post a tissue warning. ;0) I really enjoyed this heart-wrenching story. You had me right there in the room with mother and baby. Well done.
Oh, so tender and heartwrenching. Excellent characterization and emotion especially. This definitely needs a tissue warning.
I realised half way through what was happening. You did a good job with a difficult aspect of motherhood. The contrast between the nurses was very effective - one so tender and the other so harsh.
You told me enough, but left me hoping for morethat's good! Well done.
Ouch, this story really cuts deep. I felt so sorry for the mother (and the baby), and wondered what circumstances surrounded this birth that meant she had to adopt out her child.
So bittersweet and touching! This story happens so often, and I was able to feel that mother's pain over a tough decision. Great job!
Gulp! I had no idea how this was going to end but it was told with such compassion that any way would have been a winner. Of course, it leaves many questions unanswered but we don't need to know. This was a few moments in time and those of us who read it won't forget it. How tender and beautiful. And heartbreaking!
Oh, this was heart-wrenching! You did an excellent job with this sad subject, and I congratulate you on your EC! My favorite line was: "My heart wrapped around his heart just as surely as my body had covered his while I waited for his birth."