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Your title caught my eye and your writing drew me in. This is a lovely tribute, gracefully told. Your use of the items in the suitcase and the ending flowed beautifully.
This brought tears to my eyes. I love that rainbow suitcase! Especially the memories tied to every precious object in there.

I liked the song at the end and especially the little pink cushion. That was a cute detail. Nice job. ^_^
What a touching story. I liked it.
This is touching and beautifully written. Thanks for this article!
What a loving tribute to a mom who prepared her daughter in such a precious way. You are the fruit she bore.
This is beautifully written. I can see each item clearly as you present it. You did a great job with this touching story.
A lovely, lovely piece. Beautiful tribute, and very creative.
You are killing me with you beautiful words. This was so touching...and I loved the lyrics at the end. Well done.
I'm way too emotional to be reading pieces like this, but it somehow comforted me too. I think it was the rainbow theme that kept it from being too depressing. Just beautiful and moving and all kinds of wonderful things. Well done.
So very, very good. I'll appreciate "Somewhere Over the Rainbow" in a new way from now on.
What a moving story, and a wonderful example of someone being an overcomer--seeing the Mom fight for sixteen years. So glad she could see her child's 21st birthday.
You always seem to nail it. Tears threatened with the perfume and at the end my eyes are swimming in them.
Your talent is like a rainbow, something to look forward to and something to thank God for.
My mother-in-law had a long bout with breast cancer and lived much longer than anyone ever expected. I will share your story with her daughters. A wonderful tribute to your mother and so well written!
Maybe if I could clear the teary film from my eyes, then I could see to type this comment.

You got my heart with this one. I am not sure if this is fictional or true, but it was a beautiful tribute to a mother. I think we all can find things that we carry with us that remind us of our moms and how special they are to us.

One of my favorites this week. Thank you for sharing this. :)
Amzingly and tenderly written! I love each item that symbolized the narrator's mother's nature and message of love and hope. What a tear jerker, I can personally relate to this as we are going through a difficult situation with my own prescious mother and have been hoping for the best. as I wrote about our ordeal and a tribute to this wonderful lady in my entry, A Cup of Cold Water. Thank you for writing this beautiful piece!Janice
Congratulations on your win this week--this must have been a hard one to write, but you did it beautifully.
What a beautiful way to give a eulogy. It must have stunned the audience for its creativity and its obvious inspiration. This was so well written and such a well-deserved win. Congratulations!
Oh, WOW! This was a very beautiful and creative way to pay tribute to a loved one! The ending was perfect! Thank you for sharing this! Your EC was well-deserved!
This story was written in a remarkable way to honor a remarkable, godly woman. What a wonderful legacy she has passed on to you. The style and the pace in which you told the story were well-done. The words flowed beautifully together. Congratulations!
Absolutely wonderful! Flawless! Well thought-out and presented. You certainly deserved your WIN. You had me with you all the way. My mother also died of cancer, but before the days of chemo. Her treatment was radiation--very drastic. I saw her for the last time on my 19th birthday. She was only 49, but like your mother, she left a legacy...I wrote about it in my book....Thanks for this very enjoyable and tearful piece...God bless you...Helen