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This masterfully written poem captured my interest and my heart--such well chosen words.
I liked the fourth verse best of all. This was a wonderful read-thanks a bunch for sharing your talent! ^_^
Beautiful! For mothers everywhere who have experienced a miscarriage, these words paint a glorious picture of what's to come. Thank you for sharing this gifted piece.
I too have suffered a miscarriage and I think of that child who would be a 24 year old adult this month and wonder if I will see this precious child some day in heaven. This gives me hope that I will.
Oh, tender and lovely and simply masterful. Wow.
This could have been written for me. I have no fear of dying because God recently gave me a vision of Heaven in a dream. It was incredibly wonderful and I met the son who died at birth, now grown to manhood. It's hard to describe, but the dream seemed so real that it took me days to get over it and to realize that I'm still here on earth. No, I didn't meet the Lord in my dream but I experienced unspeakable joy and saw things more beautiful than I have ever seen on earth. Skeptics will say "only a dream" but when I read about how Paul was caught up to Heaven, I'm seeing it with him. God bless you for writing this poem.
Wow! As a mere intermediate writer, even I can see why you are rated a master. Fantastic.
Beautiful. What an awesome picture.
All I can say is Wow!
Wowzer. I am blown away.
Thanks Melanie for pointing me to this article. It speaks volumes to those of us who can only wait for eternity to know the babes we lost. Bless your honesty and the deeply-held hope that rings through. This doesn't happen overnight. Anne