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Oooh, I like her Aunt Teddy! Cute! The ending with her all dressed up fancy and then being barefoot-oh, no wonder her momma was so excited for her to come. I'd be too-I want to read more of this to see how Aunt Teddy helps out and all. Nice job. ^_^
Fun dialogue and decriptions. I would like to get better acquainted with Theodora.
What an awesome story! I absolutely loved this. I see a book in the making here!
What a wonderful character sketch! The last line says a lot. There's got to be more of this there?
I love the "toddlin' tadpole" how cute! (and the "dither" :) ) The image of Aunt Theodora is wonderful with "ostrich feathers" "coal black hair" and "straight from the pages of Godey's." Aunt Theodora's greeting to Tessa was heart-warming… I wanted to hug her back. I love your ending… "peepin' toes" and "Aunt Teddy"…. Your "people aren't always what…" quote would have been great last quarter. :)
Just AMAZING job with the dialog and voice especially. I could hear it perfectly as I read. Wonderful.
SUPERB voice! Great story with a fantastic lesson.
This is so cute. Love the voice, and the characters. Great job with the topic.
Excellent voice in telling the story. The words were colorful but you didn't overdo it either. Sometimes stories are difficult to read because the "accent" is overdone. These words flowed smoothly. I liked how you made your point at the end without preaching it. Well done.
I loved the accent and the reference to the "tadpole" throughout. I also loved the description of the waddling mother. This was a real cute story. I had fun reading it.
Masterful! I love your MC, your word choices, your phrases, just everything. Oh, and Aunt Teddy, too. :)
This was SO GOOD! The tone and country drawl of the narrator was perfect...I loved this!
What's that saying? "You can't make a silk purse out of a sow's ear." Great description, great characters, great voice, great lesson.
I can see a book here too. Your title is perfect for a delightful character. Tessa will learn a LOT from her Aunt Teddy. Well done!
Colorful, marterful and just plain full of fun. Loved this romp!
What an Aunt! She'd be a hoot to have in the house and as a helper. Great job with the dialect and the characters!
I want to know so much more about Aunt Teddy, I can't wait to read the next chapter.
Love the MC's voice and the dialogue is perfect. Excellent writing!
I liked Aunt Teddy in an instant. You painted a very vivid portrait of rural love and family values, showing indeed, the apple never falls far from the tree. I really liked your title, too!
You certainly pulled me in with this story. I loved it all. :)
Not that I know country accents, but you made a believer out of me! Good job.
This was such a fun read! I love your descriptions and Aunt Teddy was great!