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Made me laugh. And it's so true.
Priceless! And the alliteration in the third last paragraph as the ants attacked the awnt was delightful.
Lol! Too funny! I felt a bit sorry for Awnt Donner. I loved the last lines though-and especially how the Ants came 'round in the end to meet the Aunt. Cute. ^_^
Very funny!
Cute, fun, and cre-aw-tive!... I was reading it aloud (in my head). :)
I just KNEW this had to be about Downeast!! I STILL say awnt, but I tollerate being called Ant Patty. LoL I loved this, and I could very clearly hear this, accent and all. Great idea(r)! I loved it! LoL
Just delightful and fun! Great last line especially.
On the east coast of Canada, the natives do to "awnt" thing too—always makes me chuckle, just like your story did.
I'm always delighted with word play, regional speech, linguistics--so this just tickled me to death. Love it, love it, love it!
The accent in this story is the centerpiece. I enjoyed reading this aloud.

Thank you for sharing! :)
Very cute! I hope we don't all end up speaking TV English. THat would be boring, indeed!
This was very cute...loved the drawl. Hee hee!
This was a real treat! It reminds me of the difference between my stepfather and the rest of our family. And he was only 1200 miles from "home"... For those who know Canadian geography, he was from New Brunswick, and we were near Toronto Ontario. A world of difference!
Wonderful tale, crative and fun, thanks for sharing it with us.
Love the dialect and the fun nature of this story! It takes a listening ear to get those speech patterns down in words this well!
Yvonne, I'm going to feature this charming piece on the Front Page showcase for the week of June 16. Look for it on the FW home page, and congratulations!
It's great seeing this fun piece on the homepage. Congrats, Vonnie, on being the FW frontpage showcase author.
Can I EVER tell you had fun writing this :) Congrats on your showcase, darlin'. All fun!
I missed this week's challenge while I was on vacation. I'm so glad it earned an honored place. I absolutely love it. It's "chawming."
Congratulations on your showcase. This was a delight and I can see why you're a "Master."