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What a perfectly delightful aunt. Great story and I love how you toe-tied it together (hehehe).
Awwww! What a cute story! I can hardly imagine twenty-feet pattering barefoot through the house-but you make it sound delightful! Great job! It seems like Auntie Jen is a full-time job, with lasting benefits and memories to boot! ^_^
You sound more like a grandmother! This story is wonderful, and your nieces and nephews are truly blessed!
Lovely story and well written.
This one certainly did give me goose bumps! What a great auntie! Very good writing!
I love the "dust bunnies" that keep you from living alone. :) Enjoyed the "side of milk" and the "weekly workout" comments. What an auntů you are every sister's, brother's, niece's, and nephew's dream. I love the image of the aunt with an eight-passenger van. :) I had to smile at your "I'm your man." Fun, fun, funů Can I adopt you?
Bare feet... don't you just LOVE going bare foot? I loved your descriptions.
I love the voice here--it's great. Totally engaging and so fun. I loved the last two paragraphs and how you tied it all together so nicely. Great job! I loved it!!
I loved how your beginning and your ending fit together so nicely. You sound like an awesome aunt, and even though you may not be their mother, I am sure you are having a huge (and positive) impact on your nieces and nephews lives that will help them grow into the adults that God wants them to be.

Wodnerful story. I enjoyed every line of it. :)
Aunt Jen is definitely an "A" list aunt. What fun for her nieces and nephews. I'm not sure you need all the parenthesis you've used. I think most of the phrases would be fine as sentences without them. That is very minor, though, because this is a delightful story. I will remember Aunt Jen for a long time.
What a blessing you are to youe brothers and sisters. Very well told.
A very enjoyable read, and the final two-sentence paragraph was absolutely perfect. That's fitting for what sounds like an absolutely perfect Aunt!
Oh, I love footsies, too! This is so cute, and I'm just imagining a chunky little baby foot while I'm typing this. Awwwwwwwwwww.
Hey, unless I read this wrong, Tuesdays are free. We'll be over at 9. ;-)

Delightful story. This woman has STAMINA. :-D
It looks to me as if this auntie has found her calling and God had a big part in it matching the needs of all involved. Great story, loved the way it flowed with hints of humor thrown in to spice it up.
This was a GREAT 1st person piece. I LOVED it.
Oh, and the little feet thing! I am addicted to baby feet. I kiss four of them several times a day!
Delightful! Makes me yearn to live closer to my nieces and nephews. Sigh. Very engaging voice and the story moves right along. Mmmm. Baby feet. :)
I'm still chuckling over the first paragraph, which is a great intro to a wonderful piece!
Charmed the socks right off of fortuante everyone in this family is. Such a blessing, to be used like this, for His glory.
Love the gentle, warm manner of relating in this lovely, lovely story. Love the Aunt's character and her way of taking lemons in life and making lemonade! It's a win-win for all concerned. I hope I get to be a grandma with this much kid activity going on!
So refreshing to see an article written from the aunt's perspective. I really enjoyed reading about her busy life with nine nieces and nephews, and a great touch with the kidlets footses sown throughout.