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Oh, delightful! Excellent use of the colloquialisms and accent. Enjoyed this - and a perfect title!
I'll bet you don't do it straighten the aunt out, that is. Very good.
Lovely story, and you kept it funny to the last line. :)
Cute title, that certainly didn't disappoint. The ending is perfect.
Absolutely loved this. So much fun for a Saturday morning read!
Ha..Ha..Ha.. I love the dialect! It's not easy to write. My mother is the one who would have walked across 4 lanes of traffic, expecting me to follow!
Loved this!
Oh, this was delightful!! Absolutely wonderful! What an accent--and you captured it soooo well! Great job!
Wow! I absolutely love the accent the "comingue," "haf zom new thangs", "zoon" and I had to smile at the "udder site". What a woman your ending is excellent. I love everything about this! This was so much fun for der all of uz. :)
I'm guessing that this was a fun story to write, and I know it was a fun story for me to read, so I guess it was "fun for der bode of uz." LOL.

I loved Tante Rosi. What a funny character. I really felt sorry for your MC though. It's hard dealing with people like that.

Thank you for the laughs! I really enjoyed this story.

Now this was good because I just couldn't wait to see what would happen next. What a great character Tante Rosi is. I wanted more than 750 words just to find out what else she would do. Also would have enjoyed some "sauerbraten mit noodles". Yum.
I hope your MC realizes how blessed she is to have a Tante Rossi.
Perfect! Tante Rosi's accent was exactly as I remember my grandmother's, and this just filled me with gentle nostalgia. It's so true that some people can be both endearing and infuriating at the same time. Loved it.
What a hoot! Loved the auntie, loved the accent, loved it all!
As hard as it might be to camaflouge tante Rosi's love, it still shone brillantly, What a mighty force of a caring human being. How lucky indeed is your MC for having Rosi in her life.
Love the title. And the dialogue was perfect. Very fun read. Nice job with the topic.
AHHH! This was a fabulous read...I enjoyed every second of it. Loved it!
What can I say but to echo everyone else's comments? I loved it!!
Wonderful, especially loved this part
"like a duckling following her mama. The stunned drivers had been so dazed by our stupidity, they hadnt even honked their horns."

Thanks for the fun!
Dee, your pieces always amaze me. Was this fiction or real? You really made me feel the annoyance, and yet at teh same time the adventure of having an aunt like her. Meddler Exraordinaire.. YES! codependent issues for sure..
Tante Rosi adds new meaning to the word 'busybody' but fortunately the MC is patient. I loved the scene crossing the road. (though don't try this trick in Melbourne. The cars' won't stop for you...)
You captured the accent so well. Great characterization and a fun read.
ROFL! This was a hilarious trip! I loved the character of your Tante Rosi. Even though a meddler, I could see the caring behind her and I loved the accent and crossing the 4 lane highway. Yikes! What an adventure. Great job! ^_^
Between laughs, I started to wonder what my nieces would write about me, as they already tell me I'm crazy. Hopefully they feel my love as your MC did. Great job.
***Congrats, Dee!***
Congratulations on this Rosi piece! Loved it!!!!
Congratulations, Dee. This was delightful!
Congrats Dee! I knew Tante Rosi was special. :)
It is nice to share HC with such a talented writer! Congratulations, Dee. Loren
Congratulations on your EC, Dee. I'm so glad to see this piece place.
Woo Hoo for my dear friend. This is just delightful--well deserving EC! Congratulations!
Funny stuff - I used to work with a lady like her. Congratulations on the EC.
Congratulations, Dee! I'm happy to see this on the EC list!