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What a lovely relationship - how completely tender and sweet. Just beautiful.
What a beautiful tribute. I love the phrases you used. Wonderful writing.
Wonderful! Loved this. Loved seeing your introduction to great books, too.
A very sweet story. I loved your writing style. You have a great vocabulary of words that really makes this a joy to read. Thank you for sharing!
Oh wow, lots to love here, not the least of which is Dot's (your) obvious love of literature. I wish there were more literature-lovers in the world!

The other thing I love is that you mangaged to cover decades in 750 words, but never once resorted to "telling". That's not easy to do!
Ahhh, Anne of Green Gables. I loved the connection they shared through books: the stories, the shared memories, even the care of them.
My favorite paragraphy was the one where you recanted all the places you had visited through the books they had read. Very nicely done.
Exquisite. I feel warmed to the heart after reading this. Thank you, thank you!
What a beautiful tribute to a warm and wonderful relationship!
Simple gorgeous. Loved every word.
Brought tears to my eyes. What a lovely scene and friendship between these two! I especially liked how they read books together and she read the books by herself too and the ending of course, was sweet. ^_^
I love to "lose myself" in stories like this... so descriptive, with so many images. Excellent! I absolutely loved this.
This is simply eloquent and heart warming. What a wonderful tribute to a lovely lady. You were able to catch the essence of both the niece and the aunt...thier need and love for one another. Your choice of words for descriptions is superb.
This is beautiful. Your descriptions brought this scene to life and the ensuing remebrances were just as rich in detail. Lovely!
Lovely, heart-warming tale of true friendship.
Awesome job with first place, too!
***Congrats on your EC!***
Congratulations! A lovely piece.
Congratulations! This is a beautiful piece.
Congratulations! This was a beautiful. Well deserved win!
Congrats on 1st place!!!
Congratulations, Sally! A beautiful story.
Congratulations on your 1st place. This is beautiful writing.
I would like to add my CONGRATULATIONS on your First Place EC! This is a lovely story!
Congratulations, simply a warm and wonderful. A well deserved 1st place.
Congratulations on writing a story which I would have loved to live.
I could read a book by you, I didn't want this one to be over and I aspire to write as well you do. Lovely mood and loved the way you describe in detail the way your Mom was when your father passed. "her back to the door." I felt your lostness right then and there. Thank you for a wonderful story and on your 1st place win.
I love Aunt Dot! This is a great story.
This entry shines! Congratulations on placing first in this week's EC.
A very lovely story! So well told and full of emotion. You were blessed to have an aunt like that. Thanks for sharing....Helen
I forgot to say, Congratulations on winning. Your story deserved it....Helen