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You've chosen to show another "side" of life for this topic. This form of slavery is so tragic. I'm glad there is a Righteous Judge. You are a very gifted writer. I like how you progressed the story with the italic lines of thoughts and action. You've told this story seamlessly.
Oh, what an awesome entry. Your title is so very fitting.
I agree with everything Beth said above, and what a clever, clever title. This one definitely struck a nerve and made me think, and that is what a good writer is suppose to do.
Great story revealing an all too tragic story that keeps repeating itself throughout society. Great ending, as she rejoices at way in which true freedom comes.
What a description of emotions! Well done, I could feel the tension building. Great writing.
This was a very unique take on the topic. The descriptions of her nightly preparations was excellent, and I liked how you blended it in with the rest of the story.

I felt like the ending was predictable after you mentioned that she wished her real uncle would rescue her. However, that didn't stop this story from being an enjoyable read. I appreciate you sharing it. :)
Excellent! I loved being misled about the title--I'd assumed that with all of her preparations, the silver bracelets were part of her professional attire. Great aha! moment.
I'm a little slowdidn't connect the title to the end of the story. Now that the light has dawned, it was very clever. I kept wondering why she hadn't gone to her uncle for help before getting in so deeply with "Uncle." Well done.
I agree with Jan about the title - just THAT is masterful in itself, and the rest of the story is wonderfully told. Excellent.
Wow! Bad uncle..bad, bad uncle. What a story with our teeny tiny word allotment. Awesome stuff!
I didn't make the connection between the title and end of the story either! Very clever... and a great story.
I appreciate you leaving the safe subject going out into the real world. Well done! I too agree how perfect your title is for this piece.
What a sad story and so true for many women, as well as children. I like the way you ended the story, too.