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I remember all those "fancy crocheted things used to protect the arms and backs of parlor funiture." My grandmother had them too. I've seen many of those sepia / black and white pictures of families celebrating anniversaries that you describe. Your description of Uncle Ezra, "receding chin that matched his receding hairline" is great. Then your description of Aunt Ida is beautiful. While her story is tragic, I love the thought that "heaven will have repaired all that earth did to her." I enjoyed this trip to meet your Uncle Ezra and Aunt Ida. Your title is perfect.
Oh, if pictures could talk. You did very well relaying this story. So very sad...
This is good. Several great lines, and simple, but very effective imagery. I liked the ending because it is true, Heaven will repair all our earthly scars. Solidly written story.
This is a story worthy to be in the Master's level. You did an excellent job painting a picture of your characters. Sadly, I could picture the car going up in flames and engulfing the poor woman.

I liked how you ended this. You gave some hope, and in God there is hope...even when tragedy strikes.
Great job at painting the scene with so many captivating descriptions. I could picture the whole thing in my mind quite cleary. And sadly, so true is your comment that she " the hands of a drunken driver who, as they often do, survived without a scratch."
You did a such a wonderful job letting us get to know your Aunt and uncle while telling their story.
"Framing" this article in a black-and-white photograph at the beginning and at the end was very effective. Nice piece.
A tragic story, beautifully told. The narration is perfect and the ending reveals so much about the author.
Wonderful voice. I can hear the narration in my head. This is a good, if tragic, read.
Tragic, and beautiful...the story itself and the masterful telling of it. Incredible talent here.
You've given us a terrific "snapshot" in time of this family. I like the way the story is told matter-of-fact with the same leisure the neighbors took in the story. Great job.
I like the way you built the story up to the climax... I knew something was going to happen, but you kept me guessing as to what. I also appreciate the way you ended a very sad story on such a positive note of hope.
Well crafted and enjoyable. Especailly loved this line. "The old folks look wearyId be weary too if I had sired this crew of nine posing for the photographer."
Thanks for the hint or I may have missed this.
I could easily see the images you created with the descriptions in this piece. So sad; but isn't it true that family tragedies seem to haunt us into the future-all those "whys" and "what ifs", I suppose. Very good story.