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Wow, great fun. I could see it all very clearly. Aunt Penny came alive on the page.
I wouldn't mind having this aunt in my family. She is literally a HOOT. (ouch!) Good work.
How funny! I hope I'm like this when I'm older. Very fun story. Good job!
It seems all the excentrics in the families are aunts! Great story.. I love the HOOTS... and hopefully one day can join the club... Great writing!
Fun story. A little word order mix up in the following line: “So I can’t you talk out of going to Sin City?” Great, or gross, final line to your story (but definitely memorable).
I loved it. Made me laugh so hard, I had an Aunt Penny and she was a lot of fun but definately not bikini material. lol You made my day.
When I grow up I want to be like Aunt Penny! I could see her, so clearly, and her closing line was fantastic. Such a fun read!! :)
I think that your closing line summed up Aunt Penny's character very well.

I used to go to Las Vegas all the time to visit my great aunt, and there are all types there. I'm sure Aunt Penny would fit in just fine. She sounds like she can take care of herself. :)

Thank you for sharing this.
Very funny, a superb example of characterization.

My only suggestion--very minor--would be a zippy title more in fitting with the aunt's wonderful personality.

This is a really strong entry.
Most of all, I like Aunt Penny's spirit. Her vim and verve carried the story, and I sort of wanted to join them and their fun in Vegas!
Aunt Penny is TOO fun. Great descriptions and characterization, as always. Dialog is top-notch too.
I literally snarfed out loud when Muffin 'choked on her dill pickle'...I wasn't prepared for that line for some reason. Penny is a very well developed character for so few given words. Awesome job!
I'd love to meet her! (I think I just did) Great title, and fun, fun, fun!
Great read! I'm sure glad I'm not one of the judges...
Loved the pace of this endearing piece and loved how she was going to live it up in her declingin years. WELL DONE.
Ah, this character is such a fun lady! Your descriptions had me picturing her "look" right down to her shoes. I love the dialogue, too. It flows very nicely and is such fun to read.
She sounds like a fiesty lady and a fun person to be around. You breathed life into her with your descriptions. Nice job.
Oh boy, is Aunt Penny going places! Lol! How delightful! I loved that you made her character with spunk and wit and especially the deal at the end should she run into trouble. lol. great job! ^_^
Great job developing the characters. I felt I knew them. Love the humor. Excellent writing!
I've been accused of being crazy by my nieces more than once ... this was fun.
I love the acronym and the personality of the aunt. Great role reversal with the neice being the one who is concerned instead of the aunt. Great story.