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This was a very fun read, and very visual. Excellent work.
What a fun read. Good rhythm and rhyme--and the last verse says it all--different isn't a bad thing! Good job!
Though I don't read a lot of the poetry here, I enjoyed this one immensely. Everyone needs a "crazy" uncle or aunt in their life. Aunt Jazz reminded me of my Aunt Jewel. She bought a Harley when she was 65 and rode alone from Louisiana to California and back. Then she sold the Harley and pretended it never happened.
What fun! You've painted a colorful picture of Aunt Jazz.
I agree with all of the above. I definitely think many readers can relate to a quirky aunt or uncle. I'm sure this was based on someone quite real to you, what a blessing to have such an aunt.
The picture you painted of Jazz is wonderful and I can see it in vivid detail. This was a fun read!
I have a dear aunt who isn't quite this zany, but she does like her bling. This made me think of her. I LOVED It!
I loved the picture you painted of the aunt. I could see her clearly in my mind, because I know a woman similar to her. I really like how you ended the poem. We should all learn to embrace each other's differences.

Thank you for sharing this delightful poem. :)
Too cute to pop! I agree we all need an aunt Jazz. But what in the world is bling?
This Aunt Jazz of yours even taught me a lesson or life to the just one of them. Bless her and you for this fun romp of a rhyme.
Boy I would love to see her house! "lime and pink," "lava lamps and disco balls," and reptilian pets :) This was great, "lived life out loud"! Wow, I can't belive this is your first poem on FW! Great rhyme and meter -- Very nicely done.
Very funny read about a very eccentric aunt!

Great job with a syncopated meter. My only suggestion, if you continue with poetry, is slightly more sophisticated rhymes.

We all need someone like Aunt Jazz in our lives!
"For all of us are different,
It doesn’t make us wrong,"

So very true. Too bad it takes some of us such a long time to see it. How much better to stop fighting who I am because I am different, and thereby conserve energy to become who God designed me to be!

PLEASE don't let this be your last poem! :)
What a wonderful rhyme. Loved this character very much. Your MC is blessed.
This is fun! I like the rhythm of this rhyme.