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This was an interesting story and kept me wanting to keep reading. Good job.
I kept thinking, Beatrice will come around after the shock wears off, and will realize that she already HAS Lara's blood, so take it and live! At least I hope that's how it all turns out. I too, am waiting for more! Well done.
How sad and yet a thought-provoking picture of what can happen when the truth is kept hidden.
Talk about a soap opera. Although we can keep secrets & lies hiddens for long periods of time, something will always come along to spit out the truth.
Wow. Heartbreaking and gripping at the same time.
Though I like a happy ending, I realize that happy endings don't always happen in situations like this. I do hope that the true story this was loosely based on ended up turning out good.

Thank you for sharing this emotionally gripping piece.