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This certainly explores the darkest side of fatherhood. It's tense and left me wanting to call 911!
This was very sad and very scary. So glad the doorbell rang. Wow. Close one.
You're right: there's no 'fluff' here! Great action, well-written dialogue and you left me wanting more. Great entry!
The best part for me is the climax--his "Do you? Do you?" interrupted by the doorbell, and the answer to prayer. Superb!
I like the title. This had real suspense building power. Good job.
This is very good, Allison. You did a nice job of building the suspense, and I loved the doorbell at the end. Very creative story--nice job with the topic.
Boy does that title match this father! What a gripping tale-you had me on the edge of my seat with this one. Good story-telling.
A very different take on this week's topic. The sad part of this story is that things like this really do happen.

You had my heart racing, as I anxiously waited to see how this was going to end. Good job building up the suspense.
Well, I certainly don't like that Gary flake and all I can say is good ridence and I hope he keeps running. You certainly evoked an emotional response from this reader. Well done.
Wow, Allison. Amazingly powerful and tense. This was almost TO real for me. Astounding job with atmosphere, girl!
Oooh, I don't like that idiot Gary at all. I hope that she gets some help and gets her daughter out of that situation right away! Very intense writing and I liked how you were able to keep the suspense at a good 'rate' nice job. ^_^
Definitely not a fluffy story. My heart was pounding. God answers prayers in unusual ways sometimes. I want a sequel and see Gary get his comeuppance big time. Revenge? No, only just punishment. Super job Allison!
Oh, Allison...this was great. Scary and tense, with a great climax!
Wow, Allison. Frightfully good. Love the end, and the answered prayer.