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I love this, very creative. I always wondered what was going on in those fowl minds. hehe
Too cute. Great dialogue. Well done.
I smiled the whole way through this bit of joy, especailly took a liking to 'If I’d had lips, I would have smiled." Creative, easy to read and soooo well done.
Ha! Doesn't the lingo of 'love' fit chooks well? Great job.
This was a pure delight to read. I loved your unique approach to this weeks theme. You show great imagination and talent here!
Oh what good stuff! Too funny. Excellent job! You really strutted your stuff on this one -- LOL!
This is so much fun with all the plays on words and henhouse jargon. Loved it!
Betty, this is definitely my all-time favorite of yours. So clever and punny (love the kid's name), but nevertheless with a sweet lesson in tolerance. A masterpiece all around. Love it, love it, love it.
This is a very creative, clever way to hide a very valuable lesson. Great writing.
This rooster is a real father's father. He could probably even answer the question "Why did the chicken cross the road?"
Unique, creative, captivating, timely, God inspired. Well done. Blessings, Angel
This one only got better as it went along. I love the way you translated poultry talk into human dialogue. Having kept chickens I can tell you making a rooster have good character and succeeding was quite a feat. Roosters are such self-seeking creatures. :)
Betty, this was just wonderful! What a good daddy rooster!
Adorable, just as cute as can be. (Just like you!) Major Kudos!!
This is very cute, and so creative. Somehow, you made me "picture" the whole conversation between the rooster and his son. Great job with the topic.
Oh my! What a conversation. The images you created in my head just made me smile over and over again. I love the line about "if I'd had lips, I'd smile", too. This is classic, Betty-wonderful in every way!
EGGS-trodenary and very clever and cute. You have something to crow about!
I'm cackling! Wow! Talk about creativity with a topic! There were so many lines I just loved. I laughed at all of them. I also grinned wide at the last line. It was perfect and this entry should do very, very well!
Oh my Betty, this is wonderful. You have the voices just perfect. Love it, love it, love it.
I LOVE this! Very cute and funny.

I liked how the girl he liked was a "chick." In this case, it was literally true, but it mirrored human teenage boys very well and helped me relate better to the character. Oh, and the name Drumstick was very clever and funny as well.

Your entries are always so colorful and full of personality. Thank you so much for sharing this awesome story. :)
Thank-you for the grin this story brought to my day. What a sweet way to teach an important lesson. Of course, I don't know if I were a rooster, I'd like to be known as Drumstick : ) Love your work!
Oh, Betty - this is delightful. SO many favorite lines - "spread over me like lice spray" - "If I'd had lips I would have smiled."

And a FABULOUS message too. No red ink from me, girl!
I'm still smiling! Great story, very creative, and a wonderful message of being a good father. Absolutely wonderful, Betty!
Teehee-would I be an echo if I said this is extremely creative? lol. This was funny enough to have me laughing half-way through the read. I loved how you brought these two characters to life and especially how you keep it interesting and hilarious! I loved the 'father' angle on it and especially the last paragraph. Awesome writing! ^_^
Hysterical. I got to this line "Relief spread over me like lice spray." and laughed so loud that my wife forced me to read the whole thing out loud while she languished in the lazyboy.

Thank you, this is art. Fowl, but art.

There is so much I enjoyed in this that I can't list them all. It is perfect from the title to the last paragraph.
I love it! What a creative, fun twist to put on a serious conversation and transition in life. Excellent!!
Congratulations on 7th place! Doing the happy dance for you!
Yay! I'm so glad this made it up there-Congrats on your well-deserved EC! ^_^
This is so much fun! Congrats on placing with this!
Congratulations on your EC. This one was way too cute.
Growing up, I think I learned more from stories than I ever did from lectures or sermons. You have hit on an idea that every parent would bless you for, my dear BettyDee. How about turning this into a book on the critical but embarrassing topic of the "birds and the bees," in which adolescents could read and understand the facts of life with emphasis on the essential responsibilities? Nothing like a good animal story morality play!
Ah, the delight at realising that this story was actually about a couple of roosters! And you carried it off so well, even with relevant jokes and cliches. Good job with the lessons regarding racism and looking at a pontential partner's character, not appearance.
Betty, I think this has to be the most creative entry I've read. I absolutely adored it. Congrats on the EC.