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Great wisdom wrapped up in this one. My favorite line is: The big buzzard would have smiled, if he could have.
Cute and creative.
This was a very creative piece. Well done!
I enjoyed this creative tale illustrating not just a son's trust of his earthly father, but the trustworthiness of our heavenly Father as well.
My favorite lines are:
"Sometimes these creatures just dont seem to understand that what limits their freedom, also keeps them safe. Sometimes
when they are afraid, they forget about the barrier protecting them."
Congratulations on your Editor's Choice! I'm so happy for you!
I love your opening sentence! :) Great work. Congrats on placing with this!
Congratulations on your EC. This is really an awesome piece. Excellent writing.
Your descriptions really drew me in to the story. Different and creative and fun and thought-provoking all at the same time.

I had to put my coffee down after "Thats usually the first symptom of what dead looks like, son." Glad I didn't choke. ;-D
Congrats on your win!! Great story!
Lynda this is so well written. Your descriptions of the flying and landing techniques of the birds, the cute, funny dialogue with its touch of wistful tone was just plain good. The message too, is awesome.
Oooh that last line gave me the chills! Congrats on the EC, this was creative, well written and contained a very good message.