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Oh, awesome story! and it caught me by surprise! Great writing and really great descriptions! Well done!
That last sentence is a tear jerker if ever I saw one. What an exquisite interpretation of the last time.
Oh, wow...where did you ever get the idea for this? I was caught completely off guard. Excellent and beautiful and very imaginative. A winner in my book.
Great story. Dallas immediately flashed into my mind when I realized who you were writing about.
This is well done. I loved the surprise at the end. Kudos.
Beautiful piece of writing, and you surely went for the jugular by making women everywhere cry.... The only negative was the title--it was lackluster compared to the writing.
This is an awesome story and the ending was GREAT!
The story reminded me of trying to go out with my kids begging me to stay home, and then came that amazing surprise ending.
Very good! i too was very surprised by the ending. A side of Kennedy we often forget to think about.
Wow! The title should have clued me in, but I was caught utterly by surprise, and I was delighted to be caught! This was fantastic!
Oh wow, Dee. This is really good. You're a great storyteller, and the ending is chilling. Nice job with the topic.
Oh. My. Goodness. I was caught totally off guard by the ending. I should have guessed by the title but I didn't have a clue. A terrific read, Dee! Just great!!!
Great job of hooking us, only to reveal the father's true identity in your final sentences. Of course I had to reread it with that in mind. Well done.
You had me right in the room with your MC and then pulled the rug with the revelation of his identity. Excellent writing.
Dee this is amazing. I am trully at a loss for words. Your descriptions are so lifelike they are almost painful, but in a good, poignant way. Your title pretty much alerted the reader to the father's general identity as a head of state, but I truly did not see the surprise you had in store. I thought I had pinpointed a favorite of your stories but this one tops them all.
I had no idea this was about JFK until the very end. You really surprised me with this one. It was beautifully written. Some of your word usage had me floored.

Thank you so much for sharing this.
What an EXCELLENT twist! And you NAILED the characterization, girl. This is so, SO clever and delightful and wonderful. Precious, dear Dee!
Excellent story.. haunting ending. Ouch. I forget that these great historic people had real lives and family. Thank you Dee.
Powerful and convincing and the ending makes it bittersweet if not forboding. You can't help but ask what if he'd listened to his heart that day and did as his daughter asked. Great job!
The details are so vivid I felt I was in the room. The ending took me by surprise and I loved it. Fabulous writing!
Aha! Creative genius, you are! Well done.
Wow! This is great! ...and a bit heart-breaking. Excellent, excellent work Dee! I love it.
I suspected the ending by the title, but I love the back and forth dialogue. Well done.
Heehee! So cute! The title should've clued me in, but I was blissfully enjoying this story until the twist in the end-that made me laugh out loud. Great job! ^_^
Oh, WoW! This is wonderful. With all the details you put in there, I was right there. And then, then when you threw the Kennedy name in there...Cool! Great job!!
Thanks for giving a sample of great writing quality to strive for.