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Oh, I got goose bumps. Very good story. Thank you for sharing this.
You did such a great job conveying all Hannah felt about their relationship. I wouldn't have added in the last sentence though, despite the story opening with Hannah, it just seeemed that you wanted it there, even though it was out of place. I loved how Rosie helped her to see him with new eyes.
I felt like a fly on the wall observing this scene. You described it so well. I'm glad the daughter found the peace and reassurance she needed before her father passed away. Too bad it wasn't more evident throughout his life.
Engaging read on trying to come to terms with a father who let anger take too strong a hold on his life. Good to see hope for him at the end.
This hit very close to home. I had a love-hate relationship with my dad, but we were never able to resolve it before his death of cancer.

Very good story. I'm glad Hannah got to tell him she loved him.
I enjoyed this story. It isn't whitewashed. It was real with a flawed major character. In this imperfect world, it had to be enough just to say the words, "I love you." It didn't erase the years of pain, yet it allowed some healing.