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Patient, and a good Biblical principle—the older women will teach the younger how to be … Well done.
Darling story. Patience is something I could use a gramma's help with, or a mama's. Love the relationship between the family members. This has an excellent sense of place and feels very realistic.
Realistic! Wonderful characterization!
So many little lessons here, but for me, the main one is that grandma's rock! This shows what a little patience can do. Loved this sweet story.
I love this concept! Young mothers are so isolated now and it's such a blessing to have an older woman to help out when the day just gets too long. Lovely story!
Very nice story! Grandma's do rock, as Betty said. Well, some grandma's anyway:) Loved this.
This is very sweet and well written, as always. Does this mean I'm getting younger? he he. I loved the lessons here.
Good ol' Granny! It's true; most grandparents have much more patience than parents. You've done a wonderful job to show how grandmothers are part of God's plan for the family. Well done, well done!
You can just feel the mom's frustration and I'm sure this has NO basis in reality. ;-D

The line about "getting older" is funny on so many levels. (Where'd this gray hair come from?)
A great story here...loved it.
excepTIONal -- educaTIONal --I remember those days. I love this heart-warming story.
I'd like that grandma to come into my classroom, please, when I'm impatient with my students. She's awesome.

My only nitpick is that these characters are a bit flat--not much fleshing out to develop them--one of the problems of ultra-short fiction. I know you'd have loved twice as many words!
Awww! Poor Samantha...yep, I do agree, she is getting *gasp* older. This was a light, easy sort of read. I liked how the grandmother stepped in at the end and helped to smooth over all the ruffles from vacation-day-after 'stress'. Nice job! ^_^
I liked the ending lines. Unfortunately, I need patience now, and not when I'm older. Maybe, that's why I sometimes feel like an old man. I can blame it on having to wait for things. :)

The grandma was great, and I like how she explained the school lesson to the child. It reminded me of when I was a kid just learning to read.

This was a delightful story and a nice change from many of the very serious entries this week (including my own serious entry). :)
Three cheers for the wizened ones amongst us and this phrase "Sometimes a bit of age, and a new perspective, is all you need." puts a whole "new" perspective on things. Really enjoyed this!
Unique take on this week's subject and excellent lesson.
Nice job...poor mamma...Angela alone is going to keep her on her toes and teach her much patience for years.
While I miss your Bible stories, this was wonderful. If you want the dirty socks in the hamper when they are 20, they must learn it early. I loved Angela's character. One commentor said that grandmas rock...I'd say this grandma is a rock!
Sweet story! Now, you say age is the key to patience? Maybe it's a good thing I'm getting older, then!! LoL. Huggles!
How sweet. Grandmas are so much more patient! But, I'm learning...What a neat trick with the 'shun'. Great work once again. Thanks for the reminder.
Sweet! sweet! story.thanks for the reminder because I have three grandchildren and I need a lot of PATIENCE.