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Great dialogue and interesting characters. I especially like the line 'Two generations of knowing.' That made me smile.
Well. I must say this is very well written. This grandma has a lot of character, and the story flows. I like the POV, too. GREAT!
Wonderful feel to this story. Good characterization, with a gentle tug on the heart strings.
Very, very enjoyable!
This is exceptionally well-written, and a very evocative piece. Great atmosphere, characterization, everything. Excellent use of repetition too. Wonderful.
Ordinary moments transformed into extraordinary stories by rich details and descriptions...yes, that's your work. I love the emotions you can evoke with the turn of a phrase. The words feel like I'm selecting and savoring fine foods as I read. No sentence is wasted and every nuance is carefully placed. I aspire to create this kind of writing.
I love the descriptions and the voice. The mood of the story is very relaxing. Nice job with the topic.
I really love the voice in this. It almost has a "To Kill a Mockingbird" feel. Profound observations from an innocent child. Awesome writing.
For me, this had 'other world' feel about it. I love second hand stores. They are a treasure-trove of the ordinary and the extraordinary.

You brought your grandmother alive for me. Super job!
Lovely! My favorite line is rich with implication and character: you have sugar on your lips. Only you could make six words say so much.
I enjoyed the thoughts from the child's point of view. Excellent!
I really LIKE this! It read like the beginning of a novel, with the setting just finally coming in, the characters waiting for their story-lives to continue. lol. This was really good! I especially liked the POV and the short dialouge-the lines with 'the smart one' was my favorite, it seemed to say so much! Great job! ^_^
I've been in many of these shops though none with such a great character. I will look at these shops differently in the future thanks to your keen ability to bring it to life.
Oh, I like this! I could hear, feel, smell, see the inside of the store vividly and probably could describe the counter to you. How beautiful! I could linger there quite a while longer. It brings back such tender memories of my own!
Setting, atmosphere, story. What a wonderful combination to settle into and wile away the moments, even if they be but a few. Thanks for the respite from an otherwise harried day!
Congratulations, Ann, on placing 9th in your level and 12th overall. Excellent.