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I can just see Nana holding her wig on on the rides! And I love the story of her telling you how you've "grown". This one left me smiling. :)
Great story. Left me with some fun word pictures of her personality and free spirit. You did a good job capturing her for me and I want to see her one day in heaven also...
Enchanting memories and so well written!
Lovely memories here. A few spelling/grammar "hiccups," but a good story overall. Thanks for sharing!
It sounds like your grandma was one of those precious, outspoken, and unforgettable souls; in other words, a hoot. I wish I could have met her. Thanks for sharing this remarkable lady with us.
The best Grandmas are the ones who don't forget how to have fun and yours seemed to never forget that! When you see her in Heaven, I'm sure she'll have plenty more stories to tell you!
I think your grandmother would get along with my grandmother. Perhpas they're friends in Heaven. That's a nice thought. This is a fun tribute!
LOL what a great lady! Your Nanna reminds me of my mother in some ways. You have done a great job narrating her story. Well done, very well done indeed.
Allison, you come over here right now and clean my computer monitor--I just sprayed my coffee after reading that "bust" remark. This is priceless!

A few things: a "too" for "to" in the first sentence, and a "when" for "went" in the next paragraph.

Awesome title. Loved this story.
What a wonderful tribute, and a delightful read. Great job!
Oh ROFL! I am laughing as I type this-too funny! I love your grandmother, so happy and hilarious and full of life. The last story of course, was my favorite-lol! You did so well in capturing this picture-especially with knowing that these are true stories! Great writing! ^_^
How blessed you are, thanks for choosing to share this wonderful lady with us.
I loved the ending with the bust comment. What a great last memory to have.

This story had a very relaxed, conversational feel to it. I appreciate you sharing this delightful and humorous look at your grandmother's life. :)