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A wonderfully unique take on a so-familiar Biblical event. I'd never thought about Mary's parents before - thanks for making me :)
I love stories that tell behind the scenes happenings of Bible stories. This one is no exception. You did a great job with the characterizations and probable reactions of Mary's parents. Well done.
I've often thought about how Mary felt and how Joseph felt when he heard the news, but there must have been a "moment" when Mary's parents heard the news, too. So often, the things of God are ridiculous, impossible, and troublesome to our human hearts, but He uses our limitations to produce miraculous results! I really like the way you ended this story: just on the cusp of the most miraculous event in human history.
It's hard to imagine how difficult all this was for the people involved. Who would believe a story like "God did it." anyway? Thanks for the well crafted insight.
This is such a creative idea. You captured their feelings so well. I am very impressed with this entry. Great job. Great writing. Great. This one leaves me thinking. I'm so glad I know the ending.
What a wonderfully crafted Bible retelling. Loved it.
I can honestly say I've never thought about Jesus' grandmother, so this is definitely a unique perspective. Much to think about, and very realistic.
I love Bible stories told from a unique creates such a wonderful, fresh perspective. Thanks!
Wonderful job of bringing this Bible story to life. You have brought the characters to life. And I like the title.
Wow, you really brought that moment to life. Great dialogue and description, you put me right in the scene.
This was amazingly insightful.

Since you asked for red ink,I read it again becaue one word bothered me. Everything I know about Joseph does not lead me to believe he would leave the room 'spinning' I see him with his head hung and dragging himself from the situation.

There is nothing wrong with this, I feel it may place.
Wonderful story from a very different POV. How hard it must have been for Mary's parents? I love retelling of Bible stories in a unique way like this. Very well done.
This is certainly a different POV! Oh, I did feel so bad for Mary/Miriam, with her dad getting upset and the way everyone didn't know or understand yet, what was to come. This was so good-so very real! Great job!
This is exactly what I did in my entry... with different bible characters, of course. Well done, excellent writing.
I had never really thought about the emotions of Mary's parents until reading this. It must have been really hard for them to understand what was happening, especially in a time where being pregnant like that was highly frowned upon.

You did an excellent job with this. I appreciate you sharing your unique take on this Biblical event.
Congratulations, Ruth, on placing 11th in your level and 17th overall with this piece. Awesome! :)