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Boy, does this delight the soul and bring back delicious memories. Great work.
Masterfully done - a painting in words. So visual. I don't think I've seen atmosphere done better here.
You described your grandparents' place so vividly that I really felt like I was there. Great job.
Mmm...coconut cake and blueberry pie...fried chicken and mashed potatoes...oh what yummy memories! Beautiful story and chock full of wonderful memories.
Wow! I feel like I did go to your grandparent's house with you. Thank you for the sweet visit. What beautiful memories you have. Awesome. Thank you, thank you!
I was there every step of the way. This was just plain wonderful Verma. Thank you so much.
Wow, I felt like you packed me in your suitcase and let me out at your grandparent's house. This was brilliant. Well done.
Simply lovely from the words, to the descriptions, to the memories you share.
This could be a most lovely, enjoyable dream! Everything was so real, I felt as if I were right there. It was that summery, afternoon in August sort of feeling. I loved the touches with the crystal droplets lingering on your tongue, the creaking gate and the blueberry pie! Yum! Your title was perfect for this. Really lovely writing! ^_^
I loved being young with you. This was a wonderful trip down memory lane...I could see, smell, hear, and feel everything!
Verna, this is astoundingly masterful, and a superb example of how to write in 2nd person. I never would have thought of it. Beautiful took me on the journey, just as you intended to.
I will. Oh if we could trade a day of today for one of the past. Your details made this setting come alive to me. What a life!
This is so beautiful I wish I'd written it. I felt as if I'd been going there all my life, you fleshed it out with such skill. Many, many congratulations!!