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What a complex character you have created! The ending was completely unexpected. Very, VERY creative piece.
Very creative. Great tone and voice. I loved it.
Intriguing character this granny is. I remember being afraid of mine (for entirely different reasons)—the kid's perspective is interesting too. Well done.
Oh, how wonderful! Is any part of this true, I wonder? Wonderful writing!
I love, love, love this character. She's different, unique, complex--as is your narrator. Wonderful.
This story fascinated me, leaving me wanting to know even more about this complex character. Great voice and POV. Excellent writing. I want to read a entire story about this family.
What a wonderful character the grandmother is. Poor narrator, I felt sorry for her and cross with her at the same time. I remember my Nanna telling me stories about my father and his brothers and sisters when they were young. It was one of my favourite times when I stayed with her - I loved it.

You have woven a great story here, which kept me reading and wanting to know more. Superb!
What an incredibly written piece! I loved it.
You captured the child's emotions well. I remember being somewhat frightened by one of my grandfathers and shying away from a certain aunt's embrace. You vividly portrayed this interesting grandmother as well.
I liked your play on words in your title and I loved the historical setting. This is another good story that did not disappoint!
Your writing is as uniquely different as the grandmother in your story. I loved how you showed the grandmother through the child's eyes. Your ending is just right. Great story.
This was such a great story!
I loved it from start to finish and you developed the character so beautifully that I wished we had a 1,000 word limit rather than a 750 word one. Many, many kudos!
I wanted the story to continue and to know more. Very unique development of character and the ending is perfect!
You put me in that room and I was curious, anxious and grateful. Great storytelling here.
Love the play on words in the title and especially the ending. Well done!
Great character Ma is...i enjoyed reading this.
I know such people exists, but have rarely had the privilege of reading about one is such a finely developed story. I especially liked the reading lessons and the honest way you portrayed a mind's wandering to another place.
Oooh, the character of Ma came shining through here! I'm glad the ending had a happy note, I was feeling really bad for Priscilla and having to 'put up with it'. lol-a good twist at the end, and the POV is just perfect! ^_^
This grandma was definitely very different from most of the rest that I have read about this week.

I enjoyed everything about this piece. The descriptions, the dialogue, and the characters were all top notch.

Thank you for sharing. :)
Oh, that poor, poor girl!! But I about laughed myself silly at the end. I loved your descriptions (like how Ma's eyes lit up! so good!!) and I could feel her dread. Great job!! Huggles!